Gordon L.


Gordon L.


Digital Marketing Manager (Senior Visual Designer)



Area of Interest

Digital Careers

Career Area



Loughborough University

What I Do

I am a Digital Marketing Manager with the Customer Experience group in Accenture Interactive ASEAN. Majority of my time centers around helping clients improve their business with a human centered design approach – by conducting on the ground research and UX/UI design.

I am responsible for helping clients transform their products into something that is Useful, Useable and Used by their end-users.

Day in my Life

As a digital marketing manager, I work closely with key client stakeholders to discuss about their current state and understand their challenges. I act as the liaison between the client and my project team, where I help to drive decision-making together with the client on ideal solutions and experiences.

Aside from attending client and project meetings, I work closely with the rest of my team in the Customer Experience group to continue elevating new initiatives and offerings for our clients. Whenever possible, I would enroll myself into related upskilling courses provided by Accenture.

Outside the Office

When I am not at work answering to the questions of “why”, “how” or “what” for businesses, I enjoy a good movie, taking some photos and wrecking a storm in the kitchen!

My Advice

“Stay Hungry, Stay foolish”. Why Stay Hungry? Because this will help you to continue learning, discovering and grow. Why Stay Foolish? Because this would not stop you from trying new things! – Always Challenge the Status Quo!