Daphne Z.


Daphne Z.





Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Management Consulting


Singapore Management University

What I Do

In my 7.5 years with Accenture, I have worked on a variety of projects focusing primarily on Finance Transformation work. This covers Finance process re-engineering, shared services assessment, design and implementation of shared services, and operating model design, among others. I have worked across various industries but mainly in Consumer Goods.

I have also contributed to Accenture thought leadership in the Finance Transformation space which is something fresh and exciting on top of day-to-day project delivery.

Day in my Life

It is really tough to paint a typical day at Accenture because there isn’t one! This is the beauty of Consulting work. I could be running full-day workshops with clients one day and be engaged in back-to -back conference calls with Finance directors from five different countries another day.

I guess the best word to describe a day in my life would be ‘variety’. Each day is different in terms of activities, the people you meet and interact with, the challenges you face, and the work you are expected to deliver. I continually set new expectations for myself and it is a source of motivation that keeps me going.

Outside the Office

I just welcomed my first child, a son. My new role as a mum will keep me very busy outside of work in the coming months.

My Advice
Consulting is a ‘people’ business. In Accenture, I have worked with brilliant people who have coached, enlightened, and amazed me over the past years. If you like working in teams and being in a dynamic work environment, then consider this career path!