Clarissa C.


Clarissa C.


Digital Marketing Consultant



Area of Interest

Digital Careers

Career Area



Bachelor of Commerce, Major in Marketing and Management

What I Do

I’ve been involved in a variety of projects across a wide breadth of roles, including Change Management and User Experience.

Day in my Life

In my current role, I work closely with the functional team to design a product that is simple but great for our users, with a strong focus on visual as well as interaction design. I also work very closely with my clients to ensure we are able to deliver an end-product which best fits their requirements.

I also deal with Change Management, with a focus of marketing the product to our internal and external stakeholders. This involves the building of campaign objectives, to creating, delivering and executing the collaterals designed for the campaign.

In the world of digital, you’ll come to find out that your job scope is ever-evolving with new challenges, each and every day.

Outside the Office

I could be doing anything at all. I love the spontaneous and unpredictable, and each weekend is always an adventure.

My Advice

The best thing about being in Accenture is being able to be constantly surrounded by the best and the brightest. Be humble, earnest and take the time to learn from your peers – you’ll be surprised of the lessons you can learn every day.