Chin Y.


Chin Y.





Area of Interest

Operations Careers

Career Area

Technology Architecture


Macquarie University

What I Do

I interact with people on a daily basis by taking part in discussions or organize and drive meetings with clients. Though I come from a non-technical background, my current work as a Systems Integration analyst enables me to analyze the client’s requirements, present solutions and implement the system with the help of the team. I was given real responsibilities from very early on, but it was not difficult to learn the job as there was a lot of support and information from the team members and the company. At Accenture, I am able to voice my opinion and provide inputs without being hindered by workplace hierarchy.

Day In My Life
Most of my day is usually spent in meetings with clients or with team members. The rest of the time is used to catch up on my own work, finding the best way to resolve issues, and solving problems. The best thing about working here is you can always look forward to new challenges and new things to learn every day.

Outside the Office

I spend most of my holidays travelling with friends. I like experiencing different cultures, picking up new skills such as skiing, abseiling or kayaking, and enjoying foreign cuisine. Travelling also gives me the courage to overcome my fears and try things I normally wouldn’t dare to do. The fear of being left alone in unfamiliar places tends to give me a bigger push. 

On most weekends, I enjoy reading books, watching movies, catching up on entertainment news – a guilty pleasure – and spending time with friends and family. 

My Advice
Don’t be constrained by your area of studies. Join Accenture and see how your future takes shape. Here, the work is so diverse that your skills and strengths come into play. The collaborative environment enables you to learn, grow and make friends along the way. You will be inspired to excel. You will own your career. So be prepared to be challenged and to sow what you reap.