Amber Ng

Software Engineering Analyst


"The best part of working at Accenture is the people. Meeting selfless individuals has helped me constantly improve and become a better team player. I’ve also learned a lot of valuable lessons. My time here reminds me of a quote from Cesare Pavese: ‘We do not remember the days; we remember the moments."

What I do

As an application designer, I design the functionalities of different apps following client requirements. Currently, I’m working on an app for a healthcare project, where I am also involved in product testing. Before each release, my teammates and I ensure that everything meets standards and is ready for deployment.

My favorite phase in application design is the User Acceptance Test (UAT). Here, we get to see users interact with the software and get their feedback. It’s one step closer to seeing your hard work enjoyed by the public.

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A day in my life

While I like how productive we are at Accenture, the highlight of my day is interacting and working with my clients and vendors. Respect and communication are key to having successful working relationships. This is something you can expect at Accenture, as demonstrated by my teammates. Plus, we are also committed to our projects. My teammates and I are always ready to face any challenge.

What I like most about working here is the culture of equality. Respect for the individual is very evident. I joined Accenture through the Emerging Technologist Development Program (ETDP) and I’m glad I chose the right path. Aside from learning firsthand about the workplace, my peers and I also learned about respecting cultural differences. Our tenured officemates and mentors guided us throughout the program. Thanks to the ETDP, we gained confidence and independence.

Outside work, I enjoy playing video games. I would like to think that the skills I’ve developed while playing have also helped me in my career. In the games, there have been times when I needed to handle disagreements and conflicts among teammates. This was on top of planning and organizing our “guild raids,” which require collaboration. Through these, I’ve learned about decision making and managing a team.

"What I like most about working here is the culture of equality. Respect for the individual is very evident."

My advice

Apply for an internship at Accenture. It’s a great place to start. When it gets tough, don’t give up! Instead, ask for help. If you ask the right questions, you’ll solve problems faster, helping yourself and the people around you.

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