Alexandra Ashpole

Security Consultant

San Francisco, California

"Digital interactions are increasing—and will only continue to do so. A secure digital identity ensures that people can interact in increasingly digital lifestyles and economies."

What I do

I work in the Digital Identity practice. Digital identity is all about giving someone the ability to transact and interact online in a secure way—but we go beyond just usernames and passwords. I help design and implement digital identity systems, helping clients to increase the security of their digital identities and online access, make user experiences more convenient and ensure methods of identification and authentication are secure, easy to use and accurate.

You probably don’t think about it often (I certainly didn’t before joining this practice), but your digital identity is your portal to being able to transact online—it’s how other people or companies know who you are in the digital world. It’s like showing the security agent your passport when going through airport security in the physical world.

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A day in my life

The project I’m currently on is really quite exciting. I’ve helped one of our international not-for-profit clients to write a white paper about digital identity, its importance and what qualities a digital identity should have. The next phase of this project is to really drill down into the qualities we outlined and set up a framework that makes these qualities measurable, and to help digital identity system owners understand how their digital identity stacks up. I’ve loved being a part of such strategic, broad, impactful work. I do a lot of research, and I learn from the best and brightest in the industry.

As a “plus one”, I’m also involved in some very exciting initiatives in the blockchain identity space—exploring the use cases for blockchain technology in digital identity. I find blockchain technology not only technically interesting, but also conceptually interesting, as it can be, and is, a disruptive technology that can have huge impact. Seeing that impact play out on a global level and helping to give identity to those who don’t have one is very rewarding.

Outside of the office, my husband and I have a dog (a mini-Berne-Doodle, or a Bernese mountain dog-mini poodle mix), and I love to spoil him and play with him. I also love to cook—this week I learned to make homemade butternut squash ravioli. As the famed Napa Valley region is only a short drive away, we also love to go up there on weekends to explore new wineries or just enjoy the scenery.

“I’ve loved being a part of strategic, broad, impactful work.”

My advice

Threats and technologies are constantly changing—so you must always be sharpening your skills to keep up. This space moves very quickly, and therefore, quick learning is key. Accenture has a diverse set of people to learn from, and diverse projects to participate in, that allow me the ability to continue my education well beyond college. There are always new problems to solve, and if I ever feel that I’m stuck in a rut, I can start learning about a new technology or topic that is important to our clients.

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