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Accenture Campus Talk Registration Form

You have selected to participate in the Accenture Campus Event where the registration form is being sent to university students in the Imperial College of London. This registration form would help us to understand how our Campus events are perceived by the students and verify their identities to participate in the Campus event.

Participation in this Campus event is optional and entirely voluntary and there are no individual consequences if you choose not to participate but if you choose to participate please do not refer to other individuals by name or other identifier when responding to the registration form.

The registration form responses will help us understand the students’ preference towards campus events.

All responses you provide will be treated confidentially and aggregated with other responses. Your individual response (including your personal data: name, email address, studies and national identifier) will not be shared in an identifiable form with anyone within Accenture, other than a very small team number of people within (i) Web Publishing Team and (ii) Shawn Kong, will process your responses in order to generate the reports referred to above. Accenture will store your data in our database and your responses will be held by in our database for a period of up to 1 year.

No reports/analysis will be carried out on an individual basis and a minimum number of 10 responses will be needed before any reports are created. All parties that have access to your survey responses or are involved in creating reports/data analysis will be subject to strict confidentiality obligations in relation to access and use of the data and will be given adequate training on how to handle the data confidentially.

Your responses may also be used for research, data analysis and statistical purposes and may be combined with demographic data and previous/future survey responses to produce anonymous, aggregated reports which may be distributed internally within Accenture for the purposes stated above.

This Survey is being administered by Accenture Recruitment Marketing who is data controller for this Survey. Accenture is also a global organization and we may transfer your data to other countries in which Accenture's worldwide organization does business and to our vendors globally. The information collected and processed in this survey will be used for the above purposes, in accordance with Accenture’s Data Privacy Policy 90 and in accordance with the laws of the applicable country. You are entitled to know whether we hold personal data about you and, if we do, to have access to that personal data and require it to be corrected if it is inaccurate, in accordance with local data privacy laws. You can do this by contacting

Should you encounter technical difficulties during the survey or have any other concerns that are not addressed above, please contact

By choosing to participate in this Campus Event and clicking “next”, you agree to the processing by Accenture and its vendors of the information set out above in the manner and purposes described above, including any transfer of your information to other countries in which Accenture’s worldwide organization or our vendors do business, and in accordance with Accenture’s Data Privacy Policy 90