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Governments around the world are rapidly digitalizing and there is an increasing need for public organizations to be nimble in order to navigate the complexities and bring on the new. At Accenture Health & Public Service, the Smart Nation initiative is the bedrock to the work we do. By supporting Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative, we envision a better life for Singaporeans by delivering innovative, meaningful, and delightful citizen services.

There has never been a more exciting time to grow your career as a consultant with us


Shape the future of the health and public service and develop citizen-centric strategies and service delivery models


Unlock the digital value of Smart Nation and work on new and emerging technologies that would change the way you and your families live, work, and play


Celebrate your individuality and diversity and make lifelong friendships by joining a passionate, committed, and high-performing team

A message from our Leadership: Make a difference with Health & Public Service




The Health group helps clients be future ready by implementing innovative digital solutions to deliver more effective, efficient, and affordable healthcare and to enable insight driven health.

Find out more about how we helped Singapore embrace the Electronic Health Record here.

Defense & Public safety

The Defense & Public Safety group works with clients to deal with increasing threats, strengthen the community through Total Defence, and harness innovation to tackle even the most complex issues.

Find out more about how we delivered an end-to-end citizen interaction portal here.

Citizen Services

The Citizen Services group applies cutting edge thinking to reimagine the delivery of citizen services and supports government interaction from “cradle to grave” to drive greater public value.

Find out more about how we enhanced the digital individual identity here and how we helped launch a single digital corporate identity here.

Meet your future colleagues

Meet some of the interesting people who strive to make a difference every day.

Farica Cuanita

“Accenture empowers us to make a difference in everything that we do. Tides change when your voice is heard.”

Business and Technology Delivery Manager
Health & Public Service
Accenture Consulting

Learner, enabler, traveler

Why did you choose to join Accenture?

I was working for a different firm when I realized that I wanted a bigger challenge as I felt stagnant in my previous position. Being part of the Health & Public Service family allows me to make a real impact on the lives of others. This motivates me every day and I have never regretted making the decision to join Accenture.

What are your passions and interests? How does Accenture support you in pursuing it?

I’m always on the lookout to learn new things. At Accenture, I’ve never repeated the same role twice. I’m grateful for all the opportunities and trust given to me by my leads. They’ve allowed me to grow and gain exposure to the various aspects of software delivery.

How does Accenture allow you to be yourself?

Being yourself is ingrained in our core values. Since the beginning of my career at Accenture, my leads have given me the space to learn, make mistakes and grow. Throughout the years, the guidance and support I have received from them have also encouraged me to be a better leader.

Tell us about what you love most about working with your team.

I am working in a diverse team where all our team members have different backgrounds and experiences. Despite our differences, we all work together towards a common goal. It is this collaborative culture that makes us a high performing team.


“I have come a long way in my career because of my exposure to different teams in Accenture. Today, here I am: humbler and more refined. I have the same passion, heart and feet, but I’m now wearing different shoes.”

Software Engineering Senior Analyst
Health & Public Service
Accenture Consulting

Storyteller, photographer, “That-Tech-Guy”

Why did you choose to join Accenture?

After graduating, one of my priorities was to seek opportunities to continuously develop my career. I wanted to find a company with cutting-edge training on technical skills and mentoring to help me learn, grow and thrive.
When I was still in school, I had the chance to participate in Hackathons organized by Accenture. There, I could combine my knowledge and experience to help create innovative solutions. It also allowed me to interact with business leaders across different domains. All these attracted me to join Accenture.

What are your passions and interests? How does Accenture support you in pursuing it?

I want to create a synergy between technology and business strategy, where the combined experience is greater than the sum of its individual parts. Accenture allows me to explore beyond the technology realm to achieve this goal.

How does Accenture allow you to be yourself?

I bring a unique set of cultural experiences and approaches to our already diverse team, and I use this to motivate others and myself to succeed. I’m very proud to say that whatever I have managed to achieve so far is indicative of where I will be able to reach as technology continues to evolve and I continue to push myself further.

How does Accenture inspire you to innovate or make a difference?

Accenture inspires me to better recognize, develop and take advantage of business opportunities. More importantly, I consistently put into practice what I learn from my colleagues and mentors: to transform the Health & Public Service industry by setting a new standard for technology consulting and innovation.


“I strongly believe that what makes a company successful is its people. The best thing I have seen in Accenture is the cross-knowledge exchange base that people have created.”

Security Senior Analyst
Health & Public Service
Accenture Consulting

Adaptable, spontaneous, motivated

Why did you choose to join Accenture?

Accenture has built such a strong knowledge base in the Security practice where there are no borders to share experiences and information. As someone who is passionate about cybersecurity, I’m enthusiastic and eager to be part of the Health & Public service practice to make a positive contribution to how our public service works.

How does Accenture inspire you to innovate or make a difference?

Accenture gives us the opportunities to share, explore and innovate every day. We’re not limited to only performing our job scope and maintaining the operational side of things. Here, I feel like we are constantly being motivated to improve, automate, and enhance existing processes, and that makes us who we are.

What are your passions and interests? How does Accenture help you in pursuing them?

I’m currently a part-time student pursuing my degree, and Accenture supports me in completing my studies. With guidance from my peers and mentors, my professional and educational journey have become so much more enriching!

How does Accenture allow you to be yourself?

We’re all given the chance to share our opinions. We’re selected for what we are best at and most interested in. However, we’re not just limited to that—we can also explore other areas of expertise or interests.


“Accenture equips and inspires us to innovate and make a difference. The work that we do motivates me to find ways to improve and do things better.”

Health & Public Service
Accenture Consulting


Why did you choose to join Accenture?

Getting the opportunity to innovate was my biggest reason for wanting to join Accenture. As a fresh graduate, I aimed to work here because of how the company uses leading-edge technology to engage clients and transform how they operate.

What are your passions and interests? How does Accenture support you in pursuing it?

I am passionate about technology and gaining new skills. Accenture offers a wide array of training courses which we can take online or in classrooms as workshops. I sign up for these courses to deepen my knowledge and stay updated with the latest in innovation. I'm also an avid runner, and I’m glad that my flexible work allows me to conduct weekly running sessions after office.

How does Accenture allow you to be yourself?

Respecting individuals is a core value here at Accenture. My colleagues are a testament to this, and they make me feel that I belong and that my ideas are welcome. Knowing that I am accepted for who I am, and that we have each other’s support, creates a safe space for me.

Tell us about what you love most about working with your team.

All of us are unique individuals, and we celebrate our differences by working together in harmony. Regardless of our working style, we all work and collaborate to achieve the same goal.

Rachel Lee Mun Yee

“I am constantly exposed to brilliant people who break barriers and innovate processes, inspiring me to make a difference.”

Management Consultant
Health & Public Service
Accenture Consulting

Committed, positive, ambivert

Why did you choose to join Accenture?

At Accenture, I use technology to bring value to my clients and help transform their businesses. I love that our company’s vast network and deep industry experience allows me to grow and develop my skills and industry knowledge.

How does Accenture inspire you to innovate or make a difference?

I’ve had several opportunities to visit our Internet of Things Center of Excellence, and was inspired by our colleagues there. They ideate, design and develop prototypes of the latest technology that can be applied to our client context. We also constantly look for new and innovative ways to deliver our work, through various point-of-view studies. These challenge the way I view my own work.

How does Accenture allow you to be yourself?

Accenture is all about inclusion and diversity, and I believe that it says a lot about our culture—that we are not afraid to be different. We embrace our contrasts, and focus on achieving our objectives together. This empowers us to be flexible and try out our own ways to achieve our goals.

Tell us what you love most about working with your team.

My team motivates me every day. I am constantly inspired by the people around me who are tenacious in resolving business challenges and willing to extend a helping hand in any situation. I’m blessed to be with these incredible people, many of whom have turned into my friends.

Goh Xin Lei

“Innovation is embedded in Accenture’s DNA, and that makes a lot of difference in the way things are planned, managed and executed here.”

Management Consulting Manager
Health & Public Service
Accenture Consulting

Dedicated, curious, rebel-with-a-cause

Why did you choose to join Accenture?

I took this opportunity to be able to work in a global firm and I wanted to build a career with a company that is at the forefront of the digital transformation curve.

How does Accenture inspire you to innovate or make a difference?

The biggest motivating factor is that innovation starts from the top, and it propagates far and wide across countries and practices. We all have the desire to push boundaries and challenge the status quo in everything we do.

What are your passions and interests? How does Accenture help you in pursuing them?

I love Singapore and want to build a better future for our citizens, our visitors and the future generation. Being in the Accenture Health & Public Service practice, where the majority of my clients are from the public sector, allows me to contribute back to society in ways bigger than I could as an individual outside of work.

How does Accenture allow you to be yourself?

The culture allows me to express myself and my personality all the time. There is seldom a need to hold back on being extroverted, outspoken and fun, because we respect every individual for who they are and the value that they can bring to the team.


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