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Accenture Internships

Grow your skills and experience as an Accenture intern, and discover our company culture and career opportunities.

An internship with Accenture will provide you everything that you need to start your career journey. During our 10- to 12-week program, you’ll experience our company culture, build your network, and apply your current skills and insights while gaining real-world experience. Sign up now to grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Accenture Discovery Internship (Consulting)

Accenture Discovery Internship (Solutions)

Take note of the schedule below to jump-start your exciting adventure.

Internship applications

Open throughout the year. Availability and role placement will be dependent on point of application.

Application Process

• For Consulting interns: Digital interview-Human Resources (HR) screening, online ABI and project assignment

• For Software Engineering interns: Digital interview-HR screening, skills interview and project assignment