My passion for sustainability began long before I joined Accenture. How did it start? Allow me to share.

When I was an SAP Development consultant in 2008, I remember reading an interesting article about the environmental impact of technology and it changed my perspective about the work that I do. It opened my eyes to the fact that running efficient IT systems meant more than just saving businesses from costly waiting times. I realized that I also had an opportunity to create programs that consume less energy and produce fewer carbon emissions. As I searched for deeper meaning in my work, I pursued roles that allowed me to advocate for sustainable technology practices. As the SAP Chief Technology Innovation Officer and Green IT Managing Director Sponsor in Accenture Technology in the Philippines, I am able to drive sustainable technology practices and solutions and upskill our people on Green Software.  As an organization, we are committed to embed sustainability in everything that we do.

At Accenture Technology Centers in the Philippines, for instance, we continuously invest in efforts to ramp up sustainability—from onboarding to upskilling our talent. Our Accenture Technology Sustainability portfolio enables us to build the skills and capabilities of our people. We deliberately design jobs that encourage and spark innovation and embed sustainability while using new technologies and platforms. To date, we have trained over 10,000 IT professionals on green software.

As part of our drive to conserve resources thoughtfully, our teams deployed a power manager app that helps Accenture people in the Philippines extend their laptop’s battery life. We also reduce the carbon footprint of the websites our developers create by following globally recognized sustainability standards. We encourage our teams to deploy user interface (UI) designs that save energy by only connecting on demand to backend programs. We collaborate with Accenture Labs to help estimate the carbon emission of applications in near real-time so we can proactively reduce software energy consumption. Recently, we launched a tool that provides our frontend developers a way to track and reduce their carbon footprint.

While we continue to stay on track with our sustainability initiatives, it is interesting to note that youth in Asia Pacific aspire for roles in the green economy and prefer sustainability-led companies, according to a latest Accenture research, “Youthquake Meets Green Economy.

According to the study, 77 percent of the respondents expressed their desire to work in new “green collar” jobs within the next 10 years. The survey analyzed data from 29,500 respondents between the ages of 15 and 39 in 18 countries.

Interestingly, here in the Philippines, 89 percent of young people aspire to work in the green economy in the next 10 years; 91% prefer green or sustainability-driven companies; and 73% would consider upskilling if given the opportunity to work in the green economy, based on the research. What does that mean, now, for companies’ ability to attract talent? The research is offering three key steps:

  1. Create new green businesses powered by digital technologies and build internal capabilities for sustainability across all business divisions.
  2. Proactively design “green collar” jobs to spark innovation. For example: biofuel engineer, environmental technologist, and more.
  3. Make everyone part of the green transition by enabling young people at all skill levels to explore and build a career in the green economy.

The passion of the younger generation is very evident every time my team and I discuss Sustainability in Technology among various university groups. There are so many other opportunities and initiatives we can do to speed up and progress with our sustainability efforts. I believe the day-to-day work that we do can be elevated to a bigger purpose. Besides, every action has an impact.  What leaders like me need to do now is open more avenues for the youth to engage in meaningful work that matters to them.

It's good if your job is to follow a directive

Even better if what you deliver is truly effective

But I think it's best when the right perspective

Let’s you elevate your work for a higher objective

Eman Antonio


Eman Antonio

Managing Director – Accenture Advanced Technology Centers, Philippines

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