In an era of compressed transformation, Cloud is one of the most powerful tools that organizations have to master change. A recent Accenture Research (2020) shows that companies, that re-platform their business on Cloud at scale, can substantially outpace their peers. By doing so, they gain computational flexibility, strategic agility, and access to the world-class technology capabilities of Cloud Hyper Scalers—virtually overnight.

Globally, Accenture is committed to investing USD 3 billion over three years to continue advancing—often together with its Cloud and broader technology ecosystem partners—industry roadmaps, data models, and solutions; Cloud AI data and AI architectures; integrated full-stack infrastructure and applications capabilities; Cloud tools, assets, and automation to drive lower unit cost and innovation; Research & Development in edge computing; and related Cloud technologies.

“In the region, we are investing in new capabilities, solutions, partnerships and client engagements that will help clients innovate even faster. We have three focus areas, investing in industry road maps, data models, and solutions to move entire industries to the Cloud; investing in better automation and technology to move faster with more productivity; and the last one is investing in sustainability and talent," said Laurent Gatignol, Accenture Cloud First Lead for Australia, Southeast Asia, India, Middle East & Africa.

As part of Accenture’s strong commitment to the region, we are launching an Innovation Center for Cloud in Indonesia in July 2021. Accenture Innovation Center for Cloud Indonesia will provide comprehensive information on Cloud transformation and its journey (why, what & how). At the center, we will showcase Cloud use-cases across different Cloud platforms as references, to imagine applicable Cloud transformation to clients' businesses.

In this Innovation Center, we will discuss how we can help and drive our clients' businesses to deliver undeniable benefits – agility, rapid innovation and lower IT costs through Cloud solution by leveraging Accenture Cloud First capabilities, proven assets, tools and strong partnership with ecosystem partners. We facilitate the Cloud Enablement discussion through a Design Thinking session to collaboratively explore creative and innovative solutions that are most suited to client’s unique needs.

At the center, our clients can explore Accenture use cases, options of Cloud hyper scalers we partnership with, financial consideration that clients need to focus on when planning their Cloud Journey and our proven assets and tools that have been used in previous client engagement. Then, we will facilitate a Design Thinking session to explore creative and innovative solution and at the end, planning a Cloud Journey that is suitable for clients' unique needs.

Through Accenture’s strong bonds with major Cloud ecosystem partners, we have instant access to specialist services that can help meet clients' specific business objectives.

Given the current pandemic situation, we are going to host Cloud Experience Workshops on our virtual platform and guide our clients to plan their Cloud Journey with Accenture Cloud First team in our virtual center.

If you’d like to know more about Accenture Innovation Center for Cloud Indonesia, you can contact Tanjung Puranto.

Also, find out more in our brochure.


Tanjung Puranto

Cloud Infrastructure Engineering – Accenture Technology, Indonesia

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