Cliantha Ooi
Business and Technology Architect Specialist, Singapore
July 13, 2018

What Badminton Taught Me to Be at Work

Just like in the badminton games I play, resilience takes a huge role in my life here in Accenture. A badminton match can go on for hours and it can become exhausting. Those times call for perseverance and I believe that it is important for me to stick until the end of the game and always give my best effort, no matter how spent I am. At work, I also push my limits so I can deliver my best work as a functional consultant for SAP Human Resources (HR) and Payroll.

Every project here in Accenture is a learning experience for me. Having a degree in business and HR, I did not have any background in technology when I started working here. This did not stop me from going for my goal. I was determined to grow my career in this field and use technology to transform HR

So, that’s what I did! Thankfully, Accenture supported my growth with training and development opportunities. I am proud to say that I am now certified in SAP SuccessFactors! Today, my role requires me to understand how HR systems work and how they can be customized so we can support our clients’ business needs and build and implement efficient HR solutions.

Accenture Team

Persistence also helps me grow in my career. In the next few years, I am planning to take more certifications and specialize in SAP and SuccessFactors where I can develop solutions based on our clients’ system landscape. I have a clear goal to improve and go further in my career path and I know that it takes hard work and perseverance to achieve this.

I also learned from badminton that it’s not every day you are going to win. I learned to pick myself up from failures and to continue to improve with each game. With the same mindset at work, I am able to push myself and to continue learning. And when circumstances get hard, I just remember: Effort reaps results. And so I brace myself and bring my A-game to deliver the best results possible.

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