Hong Yi Lim
Hong Yi Lim
Technology Consultant, Accenture Singapore
February 23, 2018

Steering companies and institutions in unchartered territory

My name is Hong Yi. I’m a technology consultant at Accenture Singapore.

For me, my work in Accenture is like being a manager of a leading Formula One race team. In the same manner that F1 managers create race strategies, condition their drivers, prepare engineers and choose the right car components to lead teams to victory, I help our financial services clients (including central bank, investment banks and insurance companies) to drive innovative solutions, manage the build of their banking systems and train their employees to turn concepts into reality.

Hong Yi Lim

Accenture provides clients with end-to-end solutions—from strategic advice to sourcing manpower and building capabilities. We are known for our passion, assets and capability to be a co-driver with our clients to help transform their businesses.

Accenture also lets me grow and build on my strengths. Largely, I attribute this to our leaders who are nurturing and approachable. My leads and I are constantly discussing and sharing ideas, career advices and our hobbies outside of work. Such inclusive and friendly environment fuels my creativity and dynamism and helps build my character to be effective in my role as a trusted advisor to our clients.

I am very privileged to be in the strategic position to engage in exciting topics such as blockchain, big data and advanced analytics. This opportunity allows me to have a more meaningful and exciting day to day conversations with my colleagues and our clients.

Working in Accenture allows me to explore ideas that can leave a lasting impact. Whenever I see a bank, I would imagine the future of banking. How cool would it be if a bank is also a social hangout place with coffee and virtual reality experience? Or if the world has no need for paper currencies and rely on a new and exciting model of transaction? These changes could impact the future of banking! The banking revolution is as exciting as watching Lewis Hamilton challenge Michael Schumacher's all-time records before retirement!

In my free time, I enjoy trading technology shares, participating in my friends’ business ventures and facilitating lectures in my alma mater. These conversations often inspire me to come up with out of the box ideas. I also enjoy reading and speculating the latest financial technologies such as cryptocurrency mining technology. It enables me to offer new solutions and a bearing to steer my clients to the right direction.

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