May 04, 2018
Leading the way in digital workplace services
By: Vincent Lim

Accenture was recently recognized as a Leader in Digital Workplace Services by IDC. This is a truly great endorsement and recognition by the industry that Accenture’s approach to helping organisations enable their digital workplace is effective and truly helping them transform. So a frequently asked question by the organisations looking to transform their workplaces: Why Accenture?

Leading the way in digital workplace services

"IDC MarketScape A/P Digital Workplace Services 2017 Vendor Assessment," by Pushkaraksh Shanbhag and Rijo Thomas, December 2017 IDC # AP42165717.

Let’s first look at the trend: Workplace technologies are evolving at a rapid rate, presenting both opportunities and disruption for end users and the organizations supporting them.

It’s critical to understand which technologies are right for the business, and both when and how to implement. In addition, balancing the often-conflicting needs of the end-user community with corporate IT mandates is a constant juggling act. Employees tend to be pushing for increased mobility, personalization and flexibility in the workplace while corporate IT wants access control, process standardization and workforce compliance.

So how can organisations balance these conflicting demands? And when is the right time to act given the overwhelming pace of change?

Making the right decisions around digital workplace implementation can be tricky but with our User-centric led and consulting-focused approach, Accenture guides clients through the changing technology landscape to help them determine where and where not to invest. Our services and skills are vendor-agnostic, enabling us to provide a truly unbiased and independent point of view.

Critically, being an end-to-end Digital Workplace Services provider means that we not only help organizations reimagine their workplace environments, we also provide a complete lifecycle of services, from up-front diagnostics, strategy and planning through large-scale transformation and ongoing operations.

Indeed, IDC’s DWS Vendor Assessment scores us highly both in terms of "strategies"—our alignment of strategies with customer requirements in a in a 3-5-year timeframe—and "capabilities" which measures product, go-to-market and business execution in the short-term. Undoubtedly, the latter comes down to our strong technology integration capabilities ensuring that these reimagined workplaces deliver on their promise. We’re able to work through the complexity and interconnectedness of intelligent infrastructure, to make applications work on multiple platforms and support any device.

In our vision of digital workplace for the enterprise, we focus on helping clients create rich digital experiences, powered by the digital workplace. This tyically means enabling the most frequently executed business processes are at the employees’ fingertips, giving the workplace to the employee anywhere he/she goes and on any device, giving the right tools to help the employees be able to leverage the skills/experience/knowledge of others and also to share, allowing seamlessly collaborations and conversations, and easily find and securely access all relevant information. Clients can tap into services that leverage latest technologies, including virtual desktop capabilities, automatic software upgrades, self-service support options, collaboration tools and—with multiple, standardized, pre-tested configurations designed to meet the needs of different types of workers, and with personalised settings. With standardized software and platforms, delivered on premise or from the cloud, users are provided with a consistent experience and the power to work securely on any device from anywhere.

Security is, of course, high on the agenda for any organisation operating in the digital age. At Accenture, we integrate security into our services providing for more complete solutions and immediately addressing some of those top-of-mind concerns of corporate IT.

These are just some of the advantages of Accenture’s approach to digital workplace transformation. When added to our in-depth industry knowledge and deep functional expertise, it’s a pretty powerful combination for those looking to create flexible, efficient and responsive workplace environment. I’m delighted to see us being recognised as a leader in this space.


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