Cliantha Ooi
Business and Technology Architect Specialist, Singapore
November 05, 2018

How My SAP Work is Shaping Human Resources

SAP Work

There are numerous vital elements that make a company run successfully, but it’s human resources—the people—at the heart of it all.

My work at Accenture allows me to use technology to support and transform HR functions—the lifeblood of organizations across the globe.

The intersection of HR and technology
Before I joined Accenture, I didn’t have a technology background; I studied business and human resources. Seeing the opportunities technology offered, I was driven to further explore and gain insights into how it can change the world of HR.

Soon after I started, I was recruited to join the SAP team. My role is understanding how HR systems work and how they can be customized to cater to each client’s requirements and organization. My work helps clients change the way they handle data to maximize efficiency across all sectors.

My most memorable and challenging project to date is one in which I served as the data migration lead. I developed a program to transfer data from the legacy system to a new system. With guidance from senior colleagues on the team, the transition plan was very successful, and it felt like a great achievement at the end of the day.

Growing my knowledge for success
I’m constantly expanding my skills in HR-related technology fields.

Accenture provided training to obtain my SuccessFactors certification, and I am also a functional consultant for SAP HR and payroll. Working with a variety of clients, both in the private and public sector, also hones my soft skills. I’m currently pursuing additional SuccessFactors certifications, and I plan to specialize in SAP and SuccessFactors tools to optimize solutions according to clients’ system landscapes.

The Accenture people I work with are knowledgeable, patient and easygoing—always willing to teach and guide new joiners. They are highly specialized in their field of expertise, and there is much we can learn from one another. Accenture is at the cutting-edge of innovation, leading the world’s top companies into the New—which makes it a perfect place for candidates to delve into their area of interest.

Drawing inspiration from my passions
I can draw parallels between the work I do and two of my favorite passions: playing badminton and painting. The skills I’ve learned from both translate to success in my professional career as well. Playing badminton has trained me to be resilient and dedicate sufficient effort into my game.

When I finish painting a picture, I feel a strong sense of achievement; the end product is worth the long process. It’s comparable to the feeling of going live on a project with a long timeline.

Ready to transform companies and lead them into the New? Find an opportunity with the Accenture team.

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