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March 13, 2020

Getting to equal: What leaders need to know

Companies aren't getting to equal as fast as their leaders think they are. That's what their employees told us in our latest research, Getting to Equal 2020.

We surveyed more than 30,000 professionals and more than 1,700 senior executives in 28 countries and looked for areas where leader and employee perception diverged.

Everyone agrees equality is important

Everyone benefits and innovation grows in a workplace that values all its people.

On this, leaders and their employees agree. Leaders say an inclusive culture is vital to their business's success (68%). Employees say an inclusive culture is vital to their ability to advance and thrive (77% of women and 67% of men).

But is it happening?

It may be important, but there’s a large gap between what leaders think is going on and what their people say is actually happening. Look at how differently leaders and employees responded to our survey:

Does the business create empowering environments where employees can be themselves, raise concerns, and innovate without fear of failure?

  • 36% of employees said yes
  • 68% of leaders said yes

How many employees do not feel included in their organization?

  • Employees said 20%
  • Leaders said 2%

Do employees have good control over when, where and how they work?

  • 29% of employees said yes
  • 76% of leaders said yes

What leaders should do

To create the kind of inclusive workplace culture they say they want, leaders must do three things:

  • Truly believe that culture matters—and prioritize it.
  • Go beyond the data and talk to real employees.
  • Encourage and cultivate advocates within their companies.

It’s different at Accenture

When it comes to gender equality, we are promoting women at all levels and investing in targeted support, flexible work arrangements and comprehensive training programs to help women thrive at Accenture.

We also partner with external organizations focused on the advancement of women in business, like everywoman and Catalyst, to provide free access to online self-development platforms.

We’ve set bold goals to help women advance and thrive. By 2025, we will achieve a gender-balanced workforce. This means a workforce that is equally women and men for those whose gender is binary.

And we are proud that our C-suite leadership is led by more women than ever, including:

Join a company that believes the future workforce is an equal one. Find your fit with Accenture.


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