Gary Low
Gary Low
Functional & Industry Analytics Consultant
June 21, 2018

Gary on the transformative power of data

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When I was still studying accounting and finance in college, I often wondered where my career would take me—what kind of job I’ll have, where I’ll work and how I can make an impact.

In my second year in university, I took an internship for a big auditing firm. While I was working there, I found the job to be procedural and unrewarding. This was when I realized that I wanted to do consulting. I wanted to do work that constantly challenged and required me to think outside the box.

Fast forward to today, I’m happy that I found my place in Accenture. As part of the Applied Intelligence team in Kuala Lumpur, I leverage data to help our global clients improve their business. Using a wide range of skills such as data mining, data analysis and machine learning, I help companies grow amidst the ever-changing digital landscape. The key lies in finding new opportunities in data.

I find satisfaction in knowing that the work I do makes an impact. My team and I continuously strive to help our clients unlock opportunities and discover new possibilities. Thanks to Accenture’s One Global Network, we can easily learn industry best practices from colleagues all over the world. This allows us to drive value and delight our customers in many, different ways.

Working at Accenture for more than two and half years, I have learned to handle pressure, manage my time and deal with clients more effectively. Learning new skills from some of the industry’s best motivates me to do better. My colleagues are also there to back me up whenever I need help. They inspire me to push the envelope and continue sharpening my skills.

Today, I always get excited when there’s a chance to be part of a new workstream. I’m glad that my supervisors give me their full support, and I’m thankful for Accenture’s open working culture. Our inclusive environment enables us to be true to ourselves. We are encouraged to share our ideas regardless of our tenure or career level, inspiring us to come up with the best out-of-the-box solutions.

As I continue working for Accenture, I remain passionate about learning new things and changing the game for our clients. I feel lucky to be part of an innovative firm that cares about my personal and professional growth while constantly pushing the boundaries.