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I was an auditor at an accounting firm, but somewhere down the road, I realised that technology has already become a big part of everybody’s lives – in the way we work, live, and play. So, there was really no question why I decided to join Accenture; in a digital world where tech is embedded in all we do, Accenture represents a promising future.

As a Business and Integration Architecture Analyst in Accenture, my goal is to solve client’s problems with creative tech-based solutions. To do that, I would gather and interpret the relevant data, and, together with a firm understanding of the client’s needs, devise a strategy that not only works, but also is meaningful and instils confidence in the client.

Trial by fire

Life in Accenture can be challenging. And I say that in the most positive way.

In my time here, my superiors have placed me in some projects that seemed to veer out of my skillset and job scope. I didn’t quite understand their decision at first, but I came to realise that they saw potential in me and wanted to grow me through these challenges.

And if it weren’t for their trust in me, I wouldn’t be able to say that I’ve had the privilege of leading and coordinating project deliverables across 8 different teams. I also got to work with business stakeholders from around the world – even those from the United States!

This opportunity to perform in a leadership role in my first year has definitely been an eye-opening experience, and it’s humbling to say that I was recognised with an award for my efforts. Suffice it to say, it is experiences like these in Accenture that has certainly given me much confidence and belief in what I can do.

Experiences of a lifetime

Life in Accenture is never dull. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to perform a wide range of multifaceted roles across different industries. For someone like me who is not a fan of routine, the dynamism inherent in Accenture is more than welcome to me.

Being part of initiatives like the Technology Analyst Program (TAP) place you within its global network and open you up to opportunities across many fields – from financial services to oil and gas industry, and more! It’s a great chance to expand your worldview and your knowledge in the various industries out there. Being able to rotate to different projects with different roles and across different industries is definitely my favourite aspect of TAP!

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With fellow analysts from TAP!

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The people who make a difference

From the get-go, I saw that the people in Accenture were extremely open and approachable. It really doesn’t matter whether you are from management or a peer – if you have a question for them, simply reach out, and they will do their best to help you!

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my mentor and friend, Nathanael Png. He has helped me the most during my time here, providing guidance and valuable career advice. And while COVID-19 has been keeping us home, my team makes it a point to meet online every day for our stand-up meetings, to touch base and keep our synergy going. I know that this team will be able to get each other’s backs when the going gets tough. In fact, it’s not too uncommon that we meet up for drinks from time to time.

Getting a kick out of it

Ask me what I’d do for fun, and I’ll say it’ll be mostly spending time with the missus-to-be, and my friends. But if you were to ask me what I do for fun with a passion? It’ll be playing The Beautiful Game – football.

Before Accenture, I played football regularly at my old firm – I was even captain of the futsal team! So, it was a real thrill to find out that Accenture had Special Interest Groups (SIGs) where like-minded folk can come together to pursue their interests. No prizes for guessing which SIG I joined.

I also became the captain of the soccer team at Accenture! We were about to join various competitions, but COVID-19 struck and our plans had to be shelved for now. Nevertheless, when this situation blows over, I hope to bring a trophy to our collection!

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The Accenture soccer team at a charity game

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Ultimately, Accenture is a place that values both your growth and your interests. The multitude of roles you can explore, the friendly people who are more than willing to help you, and a culture that promotes every employee’s wellbeing. It all makes me really glad to be part of this family.

Find your fit with a promising career at Accenture. Join our team today!



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John Chia

Business & Integration Architecture Analyst, Singapore

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