At Accenture, we believe in leading change as we help our people and clients define success. Meet four #WomenInTech who embarked on a journey at Accenture and discovered their true potential. Read their stories and see how they successfully charted their career path with us.

Rise to the challenge with tech

As new technologies continue to emerge, there’s always something new to learn. This is why I joined Accenture more than four years ago. Here, I have access to limitless learning opportunities that fuel my career growth.

In my role, a typical day starts with a stand-up meeting where I plan and prioritise my tasks along with other scrum masters. After that, I talk to clients to discuss any technical issues or concerns they might have. This is my favorite part of the day. There’s always a new problem to solve and it challenges me to step up my game. I spend the rest of my time guiding developers, making sure they have everything they need to complete their tasks.

I feel privileged to work alongside brilliant women whom I consider my role models. I also have awesome colleagues and leads who help me overcome any challenge that comes my way. With their support, there’s never a problem too big to solve.

For instance, I was part of a project with large-scale implementation where we encountered some challenges. By leveraging our team’s expertise, we successfully made it work. Knowing that I was able to make a positive impact on our clients fills me with pride and I was able to build on my experience.

I’m also lucky that my husband and family constantly support me in everything I do and ensure that I reward myself every now and then. I believe that a good work-life balance is crucial to having a positive mental outlook and a successful career. By spending quality time with my loved ones or even by myself, I can stay focused and do my best at work.

For women who want to pursue a career in technology, my advice is don’t get overwhelmed by the work or the role. Keep in mind that every challenge is an opportunity to grow, learn and rise.


Learning, growing and expanding horizons

As an application development specialist, I help clients use SAP to implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) and improve their business performance. The solutions we design help clients automate manual tasks, simplify communication across their procurement processes and so much more.

Through the years I’ve been with Accenture, the fact that I get recognition for my work motivates me to constantly challenge myself. We have a very inclusive environment where everyone here is given equal opportunities to shine, regardless of background. People also treat each other with respect, which makes me feel comfortable in voicing out ideas to solve any challenges.

Accenture also empowers me to achieve work-life balance in my own way. I’ve learned that there is no perfect formula to attaining it, so I strive to reach my ideal version of it. For me, as long as I get enough time to relax, sleep properly, eat well, enjoy my hobbies, spend time with my loved ones and go on a vacation every once in a while, then I’ve achieved it.

We also have a nurturing work environment and I love how my supervisor and career counselor guide me in growing my tech career. They give me constructive feedback on my performance and working attitude, so I can grow as a person and a professional. I’m also inspired by my hardworking father, and I try to be like him in everything I do. Thankfully, Accenture is a company where hard work really pays off.

One of my greatest achievements at work was leading the delivery of a new solution for a client’s change request. I collaborated with multiple teams to meet the client’s requirements and timelines. In the process, I learned more about Accenture and our people’s unique capabilities. Though there were a lot of challenges and delays, I soldiered on with my team and we successfully completed the project.

For those who want to pursue a tech career, here’s something you must remember: You are the most valuable investment for yourself. Always be open to new challenges and experiences to broaden your knowledge and skills.


The best of both worlds

As part of the SAP team at Accenture Technology in Malaysia, I wear many different hats at work. I can be a project manager, business analyst or functional consultant. But no matter what role I’m playing, my job is to ensure our clients are getting the most value out of their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and that their most complex and critical challenges are addressed. Outside of work, I’m a hands-on mom to two beautiful children.

I’ve always enjoyed learning about technology and how things work. I joined Accenture because it’s the best in the technology space. What better way to prepare myself for the future of tech than working with one of the world’s leading technology consulting companies?

I also love how Accenture values diversity. I believe that having more women in the generally male-dominated world of technology is important because we bring something new to the table. For instance, we think differently and can contribute new ideas on transformation and innovation. We can also serve as role models to the next generations of women in tech. In my experience, having women leaders I can look up to inspires me to work harder.

For me, success is having a sense of fulfillment and knowing that I made a difference to help others. I’ve learned that no amount of money can replace my sense of purpose and passion. Working at Accenture for more than 10 years, I consider meeting and working with people from different countries and backgrounds as one of my greatest achievements. I’m extremely grateful for all the experiences I’ve gained through the years.

Juggling work with parenting can be hard. As much as I want to give my whole self in these two separate worlds, there’s only so much I can do in 24 hours. To avoid feeling burned out and take care of my mental and physical well-being, I’ve learned to prioritise my work-life balance. I’m so proud to work in a company that encourages its people to stay Truly Human through various initiatives such as flexible work arrangements.

When I had my second child, I went on a leave of absence to take care of my newborn. When I came back, I requested for a flexible work arrangement. The program helped me to continue achieving my career goals while being a hands-on parent—it allowed me to get the best of both worlds.

My advice to women who want to pursue a tech career? Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. It’s your personal beliefs that limit you. Believe in yourself and keep pushing. Eventually, you will get there.


Ready for whatever comes next

I am Chief Growth & Strategy Officer at IT One—a joint venture between the Siam Cement Group (SCG), Thailand’s largest industrial conglomerate, and Accenture. My job is to drive growth for our IT One business. To do this, I engage our people, partners and clients to co-create end-to-end IT solutions for new opportunities.

I became part of Accenture thanks to its joint venture with IT One in February 2001. From working in internal IT, I suddenly became a junior SAP consultant. My whole life changed in an instant! At that time, I remember feeling very excited about the journey ahead of me.

Up to this day, I still feel the same enthusiasm when my team explores areas we’ve never done before. I believe that new experiences, whether they’re a success or failure, help me to learn and grow.

I also believe that success is best shared with others. Every time our team overcomes a challenge together, the feeling of shared success makes us stronger. I’ll always remember when we delivered our first footprint project in Thailand. It was one of my proudest moments. Without my colleagues, leads and team, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Here's a photo of the amazing team I work with!

As a woman working in the technology industry, I’ve seen firsthand how women can bring a different perspective to solving problems and innovating for clients. I’m happy that Accenture fosters diversity in the workplace. In fact, we’ve already achieved a gender-balanced workforce in IT One’s organisation.

My advice to women who want to pursue a career in technology is simple: Just do your thing and follow your passion. You might make mistakes along the way, but you’ll learn so much from these experiences. They’ll help you get ready for whatever comes next in your career journey.


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