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Building an Inclusive Environment at Accenture

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At Accenture, we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment for our people. Our research shows that having a culture of equality, where everyone gets equal chances of advancing their career, is a tremendous multiplier of innovation and growth.

How do we champion equality? Find out more about how we do it from our leaders.

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Sandip Gupta, Managing Director, Lead – Accenture Google Business Group, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa

“Respect for your colleagues independent of their role, ethnicity, sex and age is the most important aspect of ‘inclusive environment’ in my mind and I practice it every day. I am approachable in my engagement with my team and colleagues and share openly to foster an inclusive environment.”

Yvonne Lim, Regional Lead – AAPAC Innovation Hubs

“I’ve always stood by values that promote and encourage inclusivity — both in the workplace and in my personal life. Everyone, from anywhere, in any stage of their lives has something inherently good to offer the people around them. Being inclusive means, I create an environment that is safe, respectful and informed to allow for this goodness to manifest itself. Whether you’re male, female, gay, young, old, or whatever your religious leanings or ethnicity may be, I truly believe that we are better as a collective. To truly embrace the human, we need to look past the societal construct and embrace the best of what diversity can offer, for all of us to be successful as people.”

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Caryn T. Moseley, Technology Delivery Senior Manager

“For me, an inclusive environment is a place where we feel safe to be ‘who we are’ on our good and bad days. In this safe environment, people do their best not to judge another person’s way of being. I feel it is each person’s responsibility to be aware of their unconscious bias — what we grow up knowing is different from everyone around us.

To foster an inclusive environment with my teams, I encourage conversations between team members, and I get to know my team members. I keep myself available to my team, so they can talk to me about any topics, whether personal or work related. I think the challenge with inclusion lies in people’s misalignment with another person’s way of being — let’s all take the time to consider ‘walking in the other person’s shoes for a day’ as it helps connect you to other people.”

Eng Han Heng, Technology Delivery Lead Executive

“For me, when talking about an inclusive environment, what comes to mind is responsible leadership. Not just as responsible business owners but also responsible people leaders — from our employees, to business partners and the wider society. When making decisions, we build an inclusive environment when we make a conscientious effort to consider and appreciate the different perspectives of our stakeholders. We remember that everyone is different.

Within my teams, we remind ourselves to be mindful and present in conversations and meetings. When others are speaking, we respect and recognize everyone present. Everyone should be part of the discussion and be at the table together.”

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Chih Shoong Lim, Senior Management Consulting Executive

“An inclusive environment is a place where people feel safe to work in and contribute, knowing that they will be well-received and respected. This may mean differently to different people but it all boils down to being respectful to others. This has been the cornerstone of how I lead by example.”

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Creating a culture of equality is already embedded in our DNA. We want to create an environment where our people feel that they belong, and in turn can bring out their best, truest selves.

Join our team and make a positive impact by being you!



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