As a functional cloud migration analyst at Accenture, I manage and deploy infrastructure and networks for a wide range of public, private and hybrid cloud-based projects. My work involves gathering requirements and building, testing and deploying solutions for clients across industries such as oil & gas, mining, fast-moving consumer goods (FMGC) and pharmaceuticals.

While I graduated with a degree in Economics & Management from the University of London, I’ve always been incredibly passionate about technology and the bustling community in Singapore. I wanted to learn how technology can be used to solve problems for organizations in creative ways, while being part of a workplace that can support my thirst for learning and development. I knew that Accenture in Singapore was the perfect place to kick off my career.

Now that I’ve been here for more than two years, I can confidently say that pursuing a tech career was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Never a dull day at work

My favorite part about working at Accenture is how I’m never limited to just one role. Given the nature of our business, I’ve had the opportunity to be rotated and be a part of different projects several times. This helps me gain a global perspective of business issues, glean insights from various industries and build incredible connections with my colleagues.

I especially love our friendly and encouraging culture. When I first joined, I was afraid that I’d have trouble navigating and getting to know people in such a humongous organization. But within the first few months, I was able to invite various people out for coffee to learn about their business units and experience. All of them turned out to be so welcoming and shared their knowledge with me freely.

So far, my most memorable project was when I led a team of senior engineers to carry out multiple remote deployments for a major FMCG and pharmaceuticals client. Apart from having the autonomy to manage half-a-million dollars’ worth of technical deployments, I enjoyed our solid collaboration that enabled us to comfortably bring our best selves to work. In fact, during my onboarding, it was my teammates who gamely helped equip me with the tools that would quickly set me up for success. Yes, our team worked hard—but we also had loads of fun together! We would often have prata and chai tea-time at the Indian restaurant in our building, have potluck parties during lunch, or would grab beers to bond and unwind after work.

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Meet my team!

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A place to learn and grow

Aside from valuable hands-on learning, life at Accenture also means plenty of opportunities to grow and pursue my interests and advocacies. In 2019, I was selected as one of the analysts to brainstorm on a “New Analyst Experience” through a design thinking workshop that led to the creation of the Technology Analyst Program (TAP). As an analyst under TAP, I participated in the trainings, where we dove into various components of Accenture work and different stages of deployment. We got to ideate freely and even created a chatbot to use in our case study presentation. In addition to this, I currently help run some of our internal analyst engagement initiatives. One of the community-led initiatives I’m currently working on includes creating bite-sized video content featuring the inspiring stories of our technology analysts and leadership.

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Together with the team behind the Mental Health Wellness program

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Being at Accenture further allows me to support advocacies close to my heart: mental health and women empowerment. I am part of the core team that established our office’s first Mental Health Wellness program in 2018. Apart from providing insurance coverage for counselling and psychotherapy, and conducting workshops to drive awareness and remove the stigma around mental illness, the program also includes forming a Mental Health Ally network. This network educates and equips employees to be first responders to their peers who may be struggling mentally. To date, I’m proud to share that we’ve experienced an approximately 77 percent increase in core team members over the past two years and trained around 200 mental health allies—from analysts to leadership—making the program one of the biggest forces for inclusion our Singapore office has ever seen!

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That’s me during one of the #IamRemarkable workshops

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As a women’s advocate, I also lead our #IamRemarkable workshop program. #IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond. I remember attending my first workshop at Google, and being blown away at discovering the benefits of speaking openly about our wins as women toward breaking the glass ceiling and achieving success—and this is why I carried the initiative back to the office. Since then, our team has delivered the workshop to around 50 Accenture participants across business units, and the sessions have all been very well-received.

Take a chance on tech

Though I’ve only been with Accenture for a short time, I’ve experienced a lot in my tech career journey and look forward to so much more to come! For now, let me share with you some of my career lessons and takeaways:

  • Always take your assigned task seriously, whether it’s simple or complex. Only when you’re able to perform small tasks exceptionally will you be ready for larger responsibilities.
  • Make time to form meaningful connections with your colleagues. Trust-based relationships are key to maximizing your work experience.
  • Be open to opportunities to explore your interests and grow your skills.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to pursue a tech role even if it might not align with the work you’re doing now. As more businesses and industries face disruption, technology is becoming the core of our economy. Being a tech consultant will help you build market-relevant, foundational capabilities and develop grit, adaptability and knowledge—along with soft skills such as critical thinking and communication—that are all highly valued and transferable skill sets today and in the future.

Interested to pursue a role in technology like Charlotte? Explore our Accenture careers.



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Charlotte Chan

Cloud Migration & Implementation Senior Analyst

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