As a business and integration architecture senior analyst, I help companies use new technology to improve everyday business processes, such as finance or procurement. Currently, I work as part of a team transforming a client’s human resource (HR) function through SAP SuccessFactors. The project will help optimize the client’s HR team’s role in their enterprise from staffing to employee training to performance management.

In this project, I will migrate data from a legacy system to SAP SuccessFactors. To accomplish this, I coordinate closely with my data migration lead and teammates from around the globe to observe timelines and complete deliverables. At the same time, I learned to use Talend, an extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) tool for data integration that will help the client convert information into insight very quickly.

Making a life-changing pivot

I pursued an HR role right after graduating from Singapore Management University. While I had obtained an Information Systems Management degree, I considered myself “non-techy” based on my notions of an IT practitioner. However, three years later, I came upon Accenture’s Graduate Career Opportunity posting on LinkedIn. It presented the possibility of using my IT degree and taking on a new professional challenge. I thought to myself, “Why not take a chance?” I explored IT roles in meetings and talks with Accenture managers and even a Managing Director—conversations that inspired me to make the pivot to a tech career.

Once I made the big switch, I needed to start from scratch as an analyst. Brimming with excitement, I attended Accenture’s New Joiners Orientation. It made me feel so welcomed, gave me a great first taste of life at the company, and a better view of our sleek and beautiful workspaces.

I am also part of the Technology Analyst Program (TAP), which prepares incoming technology analysts for client projects. The program provided me with an overview of Accenture’s technology delivery methodologies. It also provided training for skills that I can use to build a successful Accenture journey. I forged new connections and friendships during the training, which makes it my favorite part of TAP. Now, I collaborate with a small team of analysts to put together ideas and inputs for new TAP initiatives. I feel so privileged to be contributing to incoming analysts’ journeys at Accenture!

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With fellow tech analysts and our mentors during our TAP training

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Driving growth through learning

My career change also came with a mindset change—to seize as many learning opportunities as possible. I set out to grow my skills by taking professional certificate programs, including one for SuccessFactors. My SuccessFactors know-how combined with my HR experience led to opportunities to take part in various SuccessFactors client projects.

In 2019, I became part of a SuccessFactors Go-Live team, composed of colleagues from Australia, India and Singapore. As my first business trip, I flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to support the go-live cutover and ceremony. It unfolded over three weeks, in which time I learned to navigate the city on my own while collaborating with teammates for a successful launch. I discovered places to eat, facilities for my laundry and more. My teammates and I also explored Malaysia’s sights and attractions during weekends.

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My first overseas business trip with the SuccessFactors Go-Live team

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Turning potential into success

To me, the experience is a testament to what I can achieve by developing my potential. In this endeavor, I find support and guidance from my mentors at Accenture. With their help, I’m able to turn every role and project that comes my way into opportunities that equip me to take on new and bigger projects.

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Wai Mun Cheong

Business & Integration Architecture Senior Analyst

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