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As a business and integration architecture analyst, I get to wear many hats. Depending on the requirements or phases of the project, I’ve had experience being a Data Analyst, a Tester and a Project Management Office (PMO) Analyst. But at the end of the day, what I pride myself in doing is to deliver the technological solutions that best fit the client’s business requirements and aid a successful overall delivery of the project

Taking the first step

With technology being central to what I do, it might be surprising to know that when I was in junior college, a career in technology was furthest from my mind. To me, it was intimidating and unfamiliar. And, truth be told, I was more interested in humanities subjects. But as they say, if you never try, you’ll never know – so when I got the sense that there is a lot of potential in tech, I started researching employment opportunities in the sector. One thing led to another, and I was studying for a degree in computer science. After that, I got a master's in management as I was interested to know how businesses work – how they are managed, how they conduct their decision-making process, and so on.

Marrying these two disciplines together was a dream for me and there’s no better place to forge a career than in Accenture! Accenture met that perfect sweet spot in that it was a professional services company that has a focus on technology. Here, I’m able to serve as a consultant, interact with clients to understand their business and the industry, as well as exercise my knowledge in computing. With Accenture’s position as a market leader, and with it having delved in numerous cutting-edge technologies, this company is indeed a space with plenty of opportunities for career growth.

Making the dream work

It’s been more than two years since I’ve joined Accenture, and one of the more memorable project experiences I’ve had was for a client in the banking industry. Our goal was to deliver a solution to improve the bank’s supply chain management capabilities, and assess and manage their supplier risks.

My role as a PMO analyst in this project gave me the opportunity to manage the project plan, oversee resource management, and also gave me plenty of exposure to work directly with the client. I also got the opportunity to work with Accenture’s commercial and contract management teams, giving me more insight into what goes on in the background, beyond the onsite delivery of the project. What’s most memorable to me is the people I got to work with. In Accenture, I not only get great guidance from nurturing project managers and leads, I can also reach out to people beyond my team for help or advice. I loved the team and it made me enjoy going into work every day, which is why there’s always the bittersweet feeling whenever I roll off a team as there’s a lot of rapport and team bonding built over the course of a project. But it is great that I can always keep in touch with my colleagues both in and beyond the region.

As an example of how well the teams in Accenture can work together – my current team was tasked to deliver a large-scale project to the client that will impact their operations in more than 50 countries at one go. It was a huge feat and was almost thought of as impossible amidst the existing work-from-home situation. This was doubly true as the last few weeks before a project goes live are extremely crucial where we have to stick to the project plan to a T. Still, we managed to virtually connect with each other effectively and successfully delivered the project.

The right connections

I am also part of the Technology Analyst Program (TAP) at Accenture. This program is a great platform for fresh technology graduates to meet fellow new joiners and gain a fundamental understanding of the various phases of a project delivery lifecycle. We get to learn more about the plentiful Accenture assets available while on a project and also meet and learn from various mentors and leaders in the organization.

The training provided during the program comes in very handy to help us feel more prepared to handle different roles in a project. I love that the program provides opportunities for us to rotate to diverse projects dealing with different technologies, giving new joiners the chance to be exposed to various technologies before choosing a career path or specialization.

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Say hi to my fellow analysts from TAP! This was taken during one of our training sessions.

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Your passion matters

If you were to ask me if a degree in computer science or IT is essential to pursue a career in technology, I’d say it would be advantageous, but not necessarily essential. The tech space is ever-changing and all you need is a curious and earnest mind to learn about the latest technologies. Plus, here at Accenture, you’ll have no shortage of resources with tutorials you can get from our learning portal, and of course, the support you get from your wonderful and helpful colleagues and superiors.

Looking for a career that brings out the best in you? Look no further. Kickstart your career at Accenture!



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Business & Integration Architecture Senior Analyst

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