Hello, my name is Garialdi! I am currently an analyst under the Consulting Analyst Program (CAP) in Accenture Singapore.

Before joining Accenture full-time, I was a student looking for internship opportunities that would provide hands-on work experience. The internship program at Accenture caught my eye, so I decided to apply in 2018 and managed to secure an internship role at Accenture’s Innovation Hub. When I was approaching the end of my internship, I realized that there was so much more for me to learn. So, when the intern enrollment window opened again in 2019, I jumped at the opportunity. Before my second internship had ended, I knew that Accenture was the place for me. With two internships under my belt, I was ready to kickstart my career path as a full-time employee.

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Garialdi (bottom row, center) celebrating his birthday with fellow interns during his first internship at Accenture

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In the mix, from the start

What makes internships at Accenture so appealing is the nature of the work. Our daily tasks placed us at the forefront of innovation and introduced us to projects combining advanced technology and consulting. As an intern, there is always something new to learn, and—being a rather curious person myself—this intrigued me greatly.

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Garialdi presenting demo showcases at the Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific (ITAP) 2018 event

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One of the most exciting projects I got to be a part of when I was an intern, was presenting demo showcases to industry guests at the Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific (ITAP) 2018 event at the Singapore Expo. It was inspiring to see such a lively scene of interns and directors working closely to put on a good show for the guests. Free beer for everyone on the last day is the cherry on the cake!

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Garialdi with his team during his second internship at Accenture’s Innovation Hub

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During my second internship, I was assigned to help with client workshops and when those had been completed, the intern team was invited to have dinner with the client as well. We had an amazing dinner overlooking the Singapore skyline. What I appreciated the most was the camaraderie, and how the Accenture managers took care of their people, no matter their role. It was an experience that I will never forget.

Naturally, my experience as an intern helped me adapt to my full-time role. Not only was I familiar with the physical space but being exposed to the Innovation Hub’s operations and day-to-day work helped me manage my time better as a full-timer. From a consulting perspective, I’ve learnt much about how we can apply the insight into industry landscapes and technologies to drive business value for our clients and that helps me give them an edge.

A typical day at work

As an analyst in the Consulting Analyst Program (CAP), we are normally assigned to client projects to assist with deliverables for specific requirements for six months at a time. Getting to experience work on different industry sectors for half a year helps us consulting analysts get a better understanding of the kind of projects we are interested in before committing to a selected industry as a consultant.

My current rotation involves assisting the Singapore Innovation Hub. On a typical day, I plan and execute client workshops, assist with start-up immersion programs and develop the Hub’s offerings. Whether we’re focusing on operational, administrative or strategic, client-facing work, it's always an exciting day at the Hub. Another of the reasons why I applied to work at Accenture as a full-timer is the wonderful people I found here. The team of mentors and colleagues I work with on a daily basis is inspiring.

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor

There are challenges I’ve faced working at the Hub. Last-minute technical issues during a client workshop were particularly frustrating for me, despite our intensive preparations and dry runs. Some screens would stop working and demo servers went down an hour before the client visit. The silver lining in the experience was that we pulled together as a team to identify and correct the root of the issues⁠—and factor them in on our future work plans.

I’ve also learned that time management is a crucial skill in this line of work. I am exposed to multiple work streams and if I didn't manage my time properly, the workload would pile up and results could suffer. Now that my responsibilities have increased as a full-timer, I understand acing time management helps me perform at my best.

The full-time experience

My experience as a consulting analyst has been nothing but fruitful. I’m surrounded by a wonderful lead and fellow analysts that help one another with work and sourcing for projects. We also do frequent check-ins to catch-up, which is important for our development and knowledge building. What’s more, I have a supportive career counselor who helps me make sure I am on the road to success. My decision to join Accenture has opened many doors for me and I’m confident that this is just the beginning.

From first impressions to a career at Accenture

Whether as an intern (twice!) or as a full-time employee, my first impression of Accenture hasn't changed that much. From the start, I knew that Accenture was a global corporation that focused keenly on its people. I was impressed by the clear commitment to LGBTQ inclusion, gender equality and diversity celebration, which speaks to me greatly.

I've also learned that everyone here has a forward-looking mindset. It's one of the things I like best about Accenture: they are constantly challenging the way we think, making me more strategic and professional. And of course, I enjoy being surrounded by smart people who respect me as an individual and recognize my efforts in the work I do.

My advice for students or fresh graduates who are considering joining Accenture is this: make sure your personal brand is a good match for the opportunity. I used to think Accenture was mostly associated with consulting and technology, but really, Accenture is a professional services company centered around innovation—which means we have a strong footing in many thriving areas. With so many opportunities within one organization, being aware of your strengths and passion is a key factor to find the ideal career path where you can truly shine at Accenture. The rest, as they say, is a matter of walking through an open door.

Graduate opportunities are the first step in a career that matters. Jumpstart your journey with us.



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Garialdi Salim

Consulting Development Analyst Singapore

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