Why did I choose to apply at Accenture? Well, I didn't — not exactly.

For the longest time, I had wanted to pursue a career in branding in a fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company, but I chanced upon this job opportunity by accident on LinkedIn. Accenture's call for a consulting analyst intrigued me. During the interviews, I was pleasantly surprised at the type of work the team was doing. Relishing this challenge, I took the plunge and joined the firm.

I graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor of Business, specializing in Marketing. Being in a business school meant lots of projects across different modules, working with various team members. The nature of this curriculum is somewhat similar to management consulting, where the work is project-based, and each project usually has a different scope with different stakeholders. So, the set-up was familiar to me: essentially, team members = colleagues, professor = client.

From comfort zone to career growth

Even though I was a fresh graduate joining Accenture, I was given plenty of opportunities to prove myself and demonstrate my capabilities. My leads allowed me to take on responsibilities and tasks that went beyond the typical assignments of junior employees.

More importantly, Accenture has been excellent at building an extraordinarily inclusive and supportive culture. This open and positive culture has allowed me to "comfortably venture out of my comfort zone," enabling me to challenge my limits and push myself to be better.

That helped build a strong case for promotion, allowing me to be a Consultant in two years.

A merry mingling

Throughout my years at Accenture, I have had the chance to work with people from different backgrounds and expertise, from consulting to digital to operations. In the process, I learn and expand my knowledge.

I have also worked with clients and projects in other ASEAN countries, such as Malaysia and the Philippines. These experiences have made my work more meaningful and enjoyable.

My career: Driving with intention

I’m happy to say that I have come a long way from my accidental application. Because Accenture is such a large organization, it has conditioned me to be proactive in shaping my career path. I begin by being clear about the projects I wish to do, the domains that I want to develop and what I want to achieve out of it all.

I realize that, as a fresh graduate, you might not necessarily know what you want or don't want to do. If so, then be open to opportunities and aim to gain greater exposure with every project. This will help you gain clarity about where you want your career to go.

I believe Accenture is an organization that values talents. If you are proactive about taking charge of your career path and progression, the leaders will provide the necessary platform and opportunities to prove yourself.

You, too, can explore the many growth and learning opportunities Accenture offers. See them here.


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Max Tan

Management Consultant, Singapore

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