I am a huge fan of sports — I played different kinds since I was a kid, from netball in high school and tennis and golf in college. Now that I’m working, I also joined Accenture in Singapore’s dragon boat team. But through all the sports and my consulting work in Accenture, my love for tennis stayed with me.

I like the passion it evokes, its efficiency as a workout, the thrill of getting over challenges and the discipline it requires to do so. It takes commitment to practice the same strokes over and over to get the basics right. When I finally do, I optimize my performance by going against the grain. I believe in mastering the basics first before breaking the rules in order to win.

It is with this same passion that I put on in my work in analytics. In the same line of my tennis mantra, I help companies fix the basics first before helping them rotate to the new. As a management consulting analyst, I help clients innovate and transform digitally. We work with analytics-driven platforms and create digital strategies for our clients so they can understand, engage, acquire and retain their customers efficiently.

I chose to join Accenture because of the innovative practices and technologies we work with. My strength lies in analytics and digital marketing. I’m glad to be part of management consulting because it allows me to fully utilize my strengths and create value for our clients. There’s also a shared commitment to be ahead of the curve. The leadership skills instilled in our working culture helped me become both analytical and creative.

Working at Accenture, I would also like to think that I give a voice to millennials. For me, my perspective as one is critical in helping our clients target our generation more effectively. I can share my opinions to help understand how millennials think, enabling to come up with decisions that have put consideration to my generation. It’s great that there’s equality here at the office. I can freely voice out my ideas without being dismissed, and we listen to each other’s contributions.

Outside of work, I also enjoy traveling solo. I’ve lived overseas in China and USA. My collective experiences allow me to relate to people from across various nationalities, adding a human touch when collaborating with colleagues and clients from our global network. Accenture is actually a great place for culture, inclusion and diversity. We may come from different backgrounds, but we come to work every day knowing that we are welcome and are accepted for who we truly are.

To me, my consulting work in Accenture is a constant work in progress. Every day is a new day with new challenges. I have my fair share of wins, but it does not stop me from learning. I keep on swinging and mastering my strokes so I can be efficient and deliver my best work every time.

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Jasmine Seng

Management Consultant, Singapore

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