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Tides change when your voice is heard.

I was reflecting about this as I celebrated my eighth year with Accenture. In a global company such as ours, it’s quite easy to feel minuscule compared to the depth and scale of what we do daily.

However, we are lucky to have a culture that celebrates diversity. Here, being yourself is ingrained in our core values. Since the beginning of my career at Accenture, my leads have given me the space to learn, make mistakes and grow. They are open to suggestions and are willing to do things differently if there’s a better way to do it. It makes a huge difference when you know that there is always someone who will listen to you. Throughout the years, the guidance and support I have received from them have encouraged me to be a better leader.

I work for the Health & Public Service (H&PS) industry, where the only thing constant is change. Here, I realized the importance of speaking up. Essentially, my role in Accenture requires me to identify the right question, connect the dots and solve problems, distill information, and be flexible and comfortable with uncertainties. With the current pace of information technology, we won’t always have all the answers. This is why we have to speak up — knowing what and who to ask will help you solve the issue at hand.

My Accenture journey has been a playground of sorts. Once I’ve cleared a set of obstacles, I feel as though I’ve "leveled-up". As I progress through the game, however, each level becomes harder to defeat. There are times when I wanted to give up, but I’ve built up a certain level of tenacity. Instead of quitting, I just take a short break, then try again.

I’ve never repeated the same role twice, so I’m always on the lookout to learn new things. I’m grateful for all the opportunities and trust given to me by my leads. They’ve allowed me to grow and gain exposure to the different aspects of the business. Working in Accenture made me see that all our projects are part of something bigger. It resonated in me that what we do, big or small, matters to the greater population — that we can truly make a difference.

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Farica Cuanita

Business & Technology Delivery Senior Manager, Singapore

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