As a technology consulting analyst, I thrive in helping clients find optimal solutions by leveraging on technology to achieve their business goals. I work closely with them day by day to transform their organization. In the process, I gain valuable insights and grow personally and professionally.

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I’d like to impart some key lessons learnt from the year:

1. Master the rules of time management.
The challenges I faced during the year included handling a multitude of tasks and delivering them in close succession. I overcame this by prioritizing and being efficient whenever I could. In addition, I had to be flexible and shift priorities throughout the course of the day to meet deadlines.

2. Create positive stakeholder relationships.
I consider stakeholder management one of the most important skills I acquired. Building great relationships with stakeholders enhances collaboration, which leads to project success. Hence, I made sure to tailor my communication approach to each person’s uniqueness. As a challenging yet valuable process, it imparted lessons I apply every day in both my professional and personal life.

3. Learn from challenges on the job.
To improve myself, I needed to be always willing to learn. Hence, I welcomed exposure to different knowledge areas and industries. I empathized with my clients and understood their business to craft tailored solutions to their problems. It enabled me to gain new skills and grow professionally through direct experience in the project.

4. Embrace the unexpected.
The nature of my job is dynamic, so I cultivate an open heart that’s ready for anything. When project requirements and timelines change, I keep pace. It’s tough but it taught me to think on my feet, adapt quickly and stay determined in completing tasks and following through on deadlines.

5. Strike a healthy work-life balance.
At Accenture, we encourage work-life balance. I constantly communicate with supervisors and colleagues to maintain the quality of my output while respecting the boundaries between work and my personal life. It helped me to be mature in articulating my needs and discussing flexible working styles with my supervisor.

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I’ve had an incredible journey of new and transformative experiences in Accenture. I got to meet many people, worked alongside hardworking teammates, and forged bonds that evolved into meaningful friendships.

2018 has been a fulfilling year, and I look forward to another amazing year ahead!

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Jonathan Tan

Technology Consultant, Singapore

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