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Meet the Campus Recruiting team! From left to right: Jessamine, Jolene, Myra, Terence

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Hi I'm Myra, and my experience with Accenture began even before I joined the company. Through campus events and word-of-mouth, Accenture has almost become synonymous with “forward-looking” and “technology innovation” in my dictionary. Hearing from my friends who have previously interned with Accenture, a recurring theme was that I would be able to do ‘actual’ work that matters. I was a bit skeptical that my short stint of four months would be enough in contributing impactful work — yet, they were right.

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VR360 campus roadshow at the National University of Singapore

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My four months at Accenture in the Campus Recruitment team were, to say the least, well-spent and enriching. When I joined, the team was planning for recruitment outreach activities such as the interactive campus roadshow, Immerse 3.0. Now on its third year, the program was designed to be an upgraded campus virtual reality (VR) experience, where students could put themselves in the shoes of how an actual consultant in Accenture deals with real-life case scenarios. With an emphasis on teamwork and collaboration, the two-player VR gameplay allowed students sync and level up in their journey of making a positive change and impact on the world while improving their client’s business in a simulated environment.

Being part of this immersive event was extremely exciting as it was my first time to participate in such a large-scale recruitment activity. The entire user experience was designed and curated with the students in mind. I had the opportunity to be actively involved in the planning and executing of the roadshows, from liaising with external vendors, to the mapping out of roles and responsibilities of our roadshow volunteers, and to eventually being part of the actual event day agenda. Through this experience, I gained a deeper understanding of what it means to put our campus audience first to create a seamless and unique experience for them. The technology and resources that went behind designing the immersive gameplay also exemplified Accenture’s commitment to challenging the existing recruitment landscape to ‘Recruiting in the New’ via innovative means.

Looking back, I think my biggest takeaway from Accenture is creating valuable friendships. I truly learned a lot and am very thankful for the exposure and opportunities afforded to me during my internship stint. I was not treated as a mere intern but was treated as a full member of the team. This empowered me to readily voice my thoughts in discussions and meetings as I know my inputs will be valued. Along the way, what I appreciated was the autonomy given to me to own certain tasks and initiatives, and the support provided to me by not just within my team, but the larger HR team. In collaborating and working together, I am very thankful that I was able to get to know my colleagues better and build lasting networks.

To be part of a company positioned at the forefront of efforts in improving the way people work and live is an extremely exciting position to be in. I am thankful to have been a part of this at Accenture.

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