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SEA mental wellness at Accenture

Enabling paths to wholeness

At Accenture, we care for our people’s whole self. We value and prioritize everyone’s mental health, which we nurture through a wide range of wellness resources and services available for all our employees. Additionally, we provide individualized support through trained volunteers from our Mental Health Ally Network.

As Mental Health Allies in Southeast Asia, Adeline Lee, Awidia Juwita, Wen Ling Lim, and Pupae Suphalucksana (clockwise from top left) help colleagues optimize their mental health. In the process, they contribute to building a workplace where everyone thrives.

Why do you volunteer as an Accenture mental health ally?

Adeline: From past experiences with a friend and a family member, I know anyone can encounter challenges that affect how they think, feel or act. Life can bring problems and struggles that cause shifts to one’s mental health. By becoming an ally, I hope to raise awareness on the importance of addressing mental health needs.

Pupae: People often overlook the importance of mental health to their overall well-being. To help turn this around, I volunteered to support colleagues and loved ones in caring for their minds and emotions.

Wen Ling: My journey as an ally started at Accenture Singapore’s World Mental Health Day celebration in 2019. During the event, I took part in conversations and discussions on mental health issues. Afterward, I had the opportunity to listen to Accenture Managing Director Pavan Sethi, who spoke on the importance of ending stigma around mental health. I was so inspired that I signed up as an organizing committee member of our ally community.

Awidia: Having someone we can approach and talk to about mental health troubles is important. Not everyone brings up their issues with their manager or human resources team. I want to fill the gap and be a coworker who listens and helps.

How do you promote mental health in the workplace?

Adeline: As an ally, I provide a listening ear to family, friends and colleagues going through stressful times. If necessary, I help them get help through therapy or counseling. For example, I inform my co-workers about Accenture’s Employee Assistance Program, which specializes in helping people deal with personal or work-related problems. I also tell them about the Calm and Wysa apps, AI-enabled support that’s available to them and accessible at all times.

Pupae: Many people potentially develop mental health troubles due to a tragedy. Hence, we promote awareness on the need to create supportive environments for people under extreme stress or difficulty. We also provide training to any colleague interested in becoming an ally.

Wen Ling: To help create a culture of health and well-being, we regularly write and publish articles on healthy thinking, stress management and more. We conduct training for coworkers on ways to listen to and direct fellow colleagues to company wellness resources and services. Within our ally community, we organize activities designed to support our journey as mental health champions.

Awidia: Accenture encourages everyone to nourish their mental health as part of caring for their whole self. Our ally network amplifies this call by supporting open conversations on mental health issues and conditions. We also actively initiate and engage in well-being campaigns such as no-meeting lunch hours and taking mental health days from work.

What is your advice for people dealing with their or others’ mental health issues?

Adeline: Talk to friends and family if you’re experiencing mental health struggles. Opening up can be difficult, but it can also pave the way to getting better. If you want to boost yours and others’ well-being, take time to safely meet face to face or online. 

Pupae: Know that support is available. At Accenture, our vibrant mental health community can help you tend to your needs.

Wen Ling: Pandemic stress and anxiety can take their toll on our well-being. To counteract their effect, we need to take steps to boost our mental wellness. We also need to continue engaging in dialogue and actions that advance mental health care for everyone.

Awidia: When our problems concern the most important aspects of life, they can make us stressed, sad or overwhelmed. Take time to respect your feelings. Cry if you must. Just don’t forget that you are not alone. Seek help if you need it, so you can stay strong in difficult times.

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