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Exploring Accenture’s virtual backgrounds while working from home

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Hi! I’m Sri Vidya, a Business major specialising in Marketing, from Nanyang Technological University.

I’ve always enjoyed solving problems since I was a child because I want to make a difference and leave an impact wherever I go. To me, consulting is problem-solving, and this translated into my interest to apply for a management consulting internship at Accenture.

From January to June this year, I interned at Accenture under the Talent & Organisation (T&O) change management team in the financial services industry. Though this project was not in line with my specialisation, I saw it as a challenge to stretch my potential and broaden my horizons. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and expand my skill set by exploring the world of management consulting. I’m glad I made this decision because it exposed me to so many new things and gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in a wide variety of experiences.

The beginning of my journey

From the start of my internship, I was welcomed with open arms by my team. I was grateful to have a supportive manager who was very invested in my growth and believed in me. I also had a buddy who always went the extra mile to check in and make sure I was settling in well. I deeply appreciated all the support and I instantly felt like I was in the right place. From lunch breaks to drinks after work, I got to know my team better as we shared stories and created cherished memories.

A unique and diverse culture

Our team had a very distinct and supportive culture that I highly admired. Through morning stand-ups and brainstorming sessions, everyone was always on top of their work. Our weekly meetings had a dedicated time for appreciation and recognition, where we would pass a ‘carrot’ to someone we wish to recognise and thank. This was such a unique way to motivate the team, especially since we were giving our best and working hard every day. Our team supported one another in any way we could and given the diverse types of work we were doing, there was always something new to learn from one another. There was so much knowledge exchange, which drove innovation and ideation. I enjoyed being in such a nurturing and diverse working environment that welcomed a variety of opinions, values and beliefs.

The daily grind

As time went by, my responsibilities grew significantly, and I got used to the fast-paced culture. Tight deadlines and quick turnaround times pushed me to become more agile and efficient at work and this also enhanced my analytical skills. Guided by my colleagues, I picked up many skills along the way and was able to quickly adapt to the various situations I faced. The learning curve was steep, and it was not easy, but I believe I learn the most in challenging circumstances. Despite the high-pressure environment, I always had the unwavering support of my team and was constantly recognised for my efforts.

One of my biggest challenges was to build a new client solution from scratch. I was to entirely own a project which aimed to equip our client’s firm with future-ready skills. I felt honoured to own and be entrusted with this project. However, I was initially uncertain if I could pull it off, since I only had started a while back and this was a highly demanding responsibility. With help from my manager and colleagues, I worked hard to build the storyline, develop and critically analyse various frameworks and back up our solutions with substantial data and research. There were late nights and constant reviews round the clock, but I kept pushing myself to learn and apply as much as I could in order to deliver my best. In the end, our client was very pleased with the outcome of this project. It was one of the biggest moments during my journey, and I was grateful that all my hard work paid off. This experience taught me the importance of a growth mindset and reminded me that if you really put your mind to it, you can achieve anything.

Apart, but closer than ever

In mid-March, our team shifted to a work from home arrangement, which changed our work dynamics significantly. Working remotely made me more self-directed and independent, as I was given more ownership of various responsibilities and assignments. It also trained me to be an effective problem-solver and constantly pushed me to think on my feet.

In order to keep the team’s spirits up, we organised various virtual activities like hangout sessions and happy hours. I even received many deliveries and care packages from my team and our clients! I really appreciated their ways of bringing us together despite being far apart. It made me feel closer to everyone, though I did miss seeing them in person.

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Care package and deliveries from my team

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A gift from our client to celebrate our team’s 2nd anniversary

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Another big challenge I faced was organising a virtual event for our client while working remotely. The event involved around 350 participants, and I worked closely with clients I have never met in person before. However, that didn’t stop us from coming together to share ideas and work towards organising a memorable event for everyone. We created engaging content, planned down to the last detail and had many rehearsals to ensure a smooth flow. With hard work and perseverance, we successfully pulled it off! Working remotely further equipped me with many digital and virtual skills that enabled me to work smarter and more efficiently, and also shaped me to become a more effective communicator.

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Virtual calls with my team

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Saying goodbye

Leading up to the final days of my internship, I was rather sad because I didn’t want to leave the team. Even though it was only six months, I felt like I was part of a family and saying goodbye was going to be hard. I wrote and mailed farewell cards to thank my team and everyone else I've worked with. I believe it’s important to express gratitude and appreciation for people who have played such an important part in my journey and I’ll always be thankful for everything I learned.

The bittersweet farewell

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Surprise farewell dinner with my close colleagues and my manager

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On my last day, I received a sweet surprise delivery and a special dinner invitation from my team. I was so touched by this heartfelt gesture and it made my last day even more memorable. I was excited to reunite with the people I’ve worked closely with but at the same time, I was also bidding farewell to them. Despite me leaving the team, I knew we would keep in touch and would always be a part of each other’s lives.

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A surprise delivery of tarts on my last day and a heart-warming message on my dessert plate during the farewell dinner

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To this day, I still hang out with many of my former colleagues because they’ve now turned into friends for life. From dinners to game nights, I always have a great time with them, and I’m so blessed to have built meaningful friendships throughout my journey. I believe people are at the core of every experience and not only did Accenture give me an internship which challenged me to stretch my limits, it also gave me friends I will always hold dear to my heart.

Challenge yourself and broaden your horizons. Apply now for the Accenture Internship Program.



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