As a business and integration architecture analyst, I design and deliver business solutions and applications. I work closely with developers, technical architects, system managers and users to work out how a solution can help clients reach their goals.

Finding the right role for me

My journey at Accenture started at SG Enable’s 16-week RISE mentorship program. SG Enable is Singapore’s statutory board for empowering people with disabilities (PWDs). I am hearing impaired on both ears (high-frequency hearing loss), and through RISE, I met my mentor, Grant Spooner, who now leads Accenture’s employment law for Accenture Europe.

Aside from mentoring me through mock job interviews and resume writing sessions, Grant shared insights about pursuing a Technology Consulting career and making a difference in our communities. This inspired me to apply at Accenture, where I could pursue my passion for making a lasting, positive impact in the tech world. Through the work we do, I can help clients do the same.

As an equal opportunity employer, Accenture is also equipped to address my workplace accommodations. After graduating, I didn’t hesitate to join the company.

Unleashing my potential

At Accenture, I’m empowered to go out of my comfort zone and take ownership of my career from day one.

When I joined the company, I was a bit reclusive during client meetings because I felt intimidated by the difference in the years of experience between me and everyone else. There were times when I was lost for words because I felt like I wasn’t capable in answering the client’s questions.

After joining workshops conducted by my teammates, I realized that I should drop the “newbie mentality” and take ownership of the situation. If I felt lost in a meeting, I would reassure myself that it is okay to not have all the answers and that it is better to have questions that can guide us towards a good idea. It’s important to ask questions, especially during meetings, no matter how silly they might sound, as they will guide everyone in crafting the best solution. I even conquered my fear of public speaking and hosted a few milestone events for my team!

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Hosting internal events with my colleague, Jessica

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I am also part of the Technology Analyst Program (TAP), and I love how vibrant the technology analyst community is! Through this program, I get to connect with peers, mentors, and Accenture leaders for career advice and knowledge sharing. Being in TAP has also enabled me to work on projects across different industries and get exposure to emerging technologies.

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Virtual coffee chat with fellow tech analysts and one of our managing directors, Abhishek Kahol, during the Circuit Breaker in Singapore

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Embracing my problem-solving skills

By overcoming my newbie mentality and fear of speaking up, I’m able to embrace my love for developing solutions. Since my university days, I’ve been participating in case competitions because I enjoy solving real business challenges through technology. When I was part of the NUS Overseas College program in Israel, I learned more about how successful technology companies can innovate through an agile and lean way of working. This working style is like what we do at Accenture because we must be versatile and put on several hats to solve a complex issue.

A good example would be my day-to-day work. I usually start the day with a workshop session with clients to understand their business requirements. Afterwards, I consult with technical teams to translate the client’s objectives into a mock-up of the business application based on feasibility, integration with other systems, and project timelines.

Once the application is built, I run multiple tests to ensure the application runs smoothly. As it goes live, I put on my application support hat for client management and troubleshooting.

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Celebrating Christmas together with the team on one of my projects

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One of the many projects I enjoyed working on, where I played several roles, was for a Financial Services client. I collaborated with a diverse team of testers, business analysts and developers to build an investment workflow. I enjoyed using my accounting knowledge while I sat with client managers to create a prototype of the business solution. Seeing my design come to life during the developmental phases was very fulfilling. Working as one team, we improved the user interface and user experience of the application and swiftly eradicated development bugs. I liked that I was on the frontlines with the client and got to take ownership of the deliverables.

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Bonding with fellow tech analysts during a year-end event

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Championing PWD rights

Accenture’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and equal community is one of the main reasons why I joined the company. As a proud PWD Connect Committee member in Singapore, I help roll out initiatives for PWDs to find their desired jobs, engage the public on PWD issues and enable our employees with disabilities to do their work more easily. These initiatives include giving career advice to students with special needs, attending mentorship programs and CV review clinics organized by SG Enable and joining Singapore’s Purple Parade, a yearly event that raises awareness on PWD inclusion.

I also advocate inclusive and effective workplace communications for all. For people like me who are hard of hearing, it’s important to write down what was verbally discussed in a meeting, keep conversations open, and be clear and concise in all forms of communications.

Looking forward to more exciting opportunities

Having been with Accenture for two years, I am wowed by how much impact our company has made on our clients through the applications and solutions we’ve implemented. Our clients trust Accenture for its impeccable service and technology delivery—some have engaged our services for more than a decade and continue to work with us on digital transformations within their organizations. These include our work with the Singapore Government on SingPass, which provides 3.3 million users with online access to Singapore’s government services. With so many opportunities to tackle business challenges and improve lives through technology, I’m excited for the future.

Want to kick-start a fulfilling career journey? Take the first step with us.



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Lionel Tan

Business & Integration Architecture Analyst, Singapore

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