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Hi! My name is Siew Leng and my relationship with Accenture started off almost like in a blind date: I was excited, a bit nervous and had no idea what to expect.

It seems incredible now, but I had never heard of Accenture until my last semester in polytechnic when I needed to complete a 20-week internship before graduation. As I scanned the internship program descriptions posted by the school, I saw it: Marketing and Social Media Internship. Intrigued by the possibility to intern in something I’m passionate about, I immediately googled Accenture to learn more about the organization and decided to apply. I was called back for an interview and later received the internship offer!

I didn’t know what to expect as the start date approached. I was nervous and excited all at once. I knew I wanted to expand my knowledge on digital marketing so my plan was to make the most of the internship, picking up all the relevant skills I could. On the first day, I was greeted with a warm welcome in our Onboarding Session. After exploring the office and meeting one super friendly person after another, I felt at ease.

Playing in the big leagues

My internship has been full of highlights. One of them was being part of Accenture’s VR360 Campus Recruitment Roadshows. Accenture uses the latest gaming technologies to engage with the students and showcase the type of work they could possibly do. Taking in everyone’s reaction was an eye-opening experience! Not to mention, it was my first professional event. I planned the content to be shared on Instagram, covered the event and provided live updates. Other key events I covered includes the Accenture student and graduate assessment center experiences. The internship assessment center in particular, was exceptionally memorable for me, as the event took place at Sentosa. It’s the first time I’ve come across a recruiting assessment experience that’s held at the beach. How cool is that!

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Siew Leng (bottom row, first from left), together with the HR team at the campus recruitment roadshow

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A big surprise for me when I took on the tasks, was just how industrious Instagram content planning is. I imagined I would just show up, take some photos and upload them. Far from it! The process I learned included planning storyboards and content weeks before the event. I was amazed at all the brainstorming behind the scenes, trying to make sure the content stood out and had smart captions. Familiar as I am with the process today, I treasure this first lesson on how the pros do social media.

Another highlight was the opportunity to work revamping our Singapore Careers website. From working on the creative side by updating images and copy to helping on the technical side as the web team applied the changes, it was an exciting cooperation. I loved to work with the web team in the Philippines, my first experience collaborating with a team overseas. At Accenture, we often collaborate with teams all over the world, co-creating with talented experts that have a special connection with their work.

Instagram immersion

A very cool project I got to work on during my internship was leading the Instagram account for Accenture Careers in Singapore. This meant overseeing, curating and creating Instagram content with the goal of showing prospective employees and interns the allure of the Accenture experience and culture. I was very excited to attract talent through the Instagram content I posted using images, captions, hashtags and stories to share the Accenture experience I was living myself. Before producing the content, we had ideation and brainstorming sessions to align resources and timelines. During one of those sessions, I came up with a self-care series focused on how to best improve mental wellbeing, offering tips and exercises to boost mental health during a busy schedule. I’m glad that we get to support the people behind the jobs.

The greater together culture

The Accenture culture is about the people. Working here has allowed me to get to know amazing humans from all walks of life. I’ve found myself getting to know people beyond the Marketing team at company-organized campaigns and events, and I like that there’s always someone new to know and learn from beyond my function. There are also Special Interest Groups where like-minded people can hang out after work and connect over hiking, learning a language or social issues they believe in.

Accenture places a lot of freedom and trust on their employees and this empowers the team to become the best version of themselves. The great connection I have with my supervisor is another example of the Accenture culture. We can motivate each other at work and be accountable, but we can also head out for lunch as friends.

Excited by the challenge, fulfilled by the result

My 20-week internship turned out to be an amazing 11-month journey at Accenture. I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to extend my internship (which is also my first-ever internship!), as I truly enjoyed the experience and the learning opportunities to hone my skills.

As I look back at my Accenture internship, there are many things I appreciate. I feel lucky to have fellow teammates that have helped me along the way. My mentor has guided me from start to end, and whether facing an issue or learning the ropes, I’ve felt she would always be available to support me. The rest of the Marketing team has been friendly, loving and supportive and we do great work together.

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Customised appreciation gifts at the end of my internship

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If you are looking for an internship opportunity, I would highly recommend Accenture. Not only is it a great place to learn from top-level professionals, it’s also where you can start a career, not just a job. My advice is to go for it! Don’t be afraid, bring your best game and take the opportunity head-on. Though it might be challenging at times, you’ll learn and grow to find out what you’re capable of achieving. You’ll thank yourself for making the first move.

Internships can open many doors of career opportunities. Take your first step with us.



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