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Swen Wern and Edy are industry mentors in our partnership with iCube Australia recently

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Swen Wern and Edy took upon themselves the responsibilities to mentor two different groups of university students under the Technology Consulting Project in partnership with iCube Australia. Hear how their mentoring journey results in a success shared by everyone involved!

Saying “yes” to igniting potential

Swen Wern: I said yes to mentoring these students because back in university, I would have appreciated having hands-on experience to solve real-life business problem with some professional guidance. I think it’d be a valuable learning experience as a student.

Edy: Personally, I’ve enjoyed mentoring others through the course of my career, but this is the first time I get to mentor someone much younger outside of my work. I knew it would be an interesting opportunity so I said yes immediately!

Delivered Beyond Expectation

Swen Wern: The enthusiasm in the team laid a great foundation for me to build on. They were assigned a task to build an automation for a client in the fitness industry. Within 8 weeks, the team managed to roll out not one, but two advisory proposals as requested by the clients, and deployed one of it with post-deployment support and guidelines in place.

Edy: My team was tasked to enhance customer experience for the website of an investment firm. It was quite a steep learning curve for the team - having to familiarize themselves with website development while exploring the technical tools available out there. However, they managed to roll it out under 8 weeks and the webpage is now live. They even managed to develop another advisory proposal for an ad-hoc request on CRM solution in one week!

Being able to see both teams delivered deployable solutions with training materials and handover documentation was definitely something that went above and beyond the expectation of their clients!

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Swen Wern’s mentees deployed an automation solution and two advisory proposals under 8 weeks

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Driving change with mentoring

Swen Wern: I worked very closely with the project team leader, Edmond.  I helped him mostly in exploring and designing an automation solution that meet client’s requirements and friendly enough for the clients to use. This includes the way he and his team structure their presentation to clients – from laying out the research outcomes and requirements for different solutions, to propose options with his own point of view. It took us weeks to help him build that skill and seeing him grow through the process and applying what he learnt was really fulfilling!

Edy: I have similar experience with my team as well. What I emphasized was to ensure clear communication between the team and the client at every stage of the project. They need to make sure the problem statement is clear, setting clear job scopes, and check with clients at different milestones to manage client’s expectation and see if their direction is right. I also guided the team lead, Michelle to be more confident in her own view and be more assertive in her decisions. As the result, she executed the project exceptionally well together with her team!

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Edy guided Michelle (top left) to lead her team to success in their client’s project

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A rewarding experience

Swen Wern: Mentoring benefits both ways. Mentoring and working with my mentees let me realize how creative the younger generation can be in looking for solutions. Their eagerness in learning and exploring different options echoes how we work here at Accenture – that being agile is key in delivering game-changing solutions to our clients!

Edy: Mentoring has always kept me in check for my professional knowledge. This is crucial especially in tech consulting where things are changing at speed. It helps me to be open-minded to weigh in the various ideas and options before we come up with the best solution together, and with that creating an environment where success is shared!

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Lee Swen Wern

Business & Integration Arch Associate Manager, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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