As a team leader in Accenture’s Technology practice, Kenneth is passionate about growing new technology professionals. His experiences with his own mentors drive his involvement in Accenture’s Technology Analyst Program (TAP) – a community that provides career mentoring and other career development initiatives to elevate new recruits in Accenture. Kenneth shares his experience mentoring young technology analysts.

Fifteen years ago, as a fresh graduate, I wasn’t sure what type of technology I wanted to get into, or how to build up a portfolio of industry-relevant technologies such as SAP, Google, Cybersecurity, or Cloud. Many analysts today are uncertain but there are also those who already know what they want to become proficient in. Either way, to become a holistic and agile tech professional, it is best to be exposed to a variety of technologies and learn how they are applied in the real world, which is very different from their studies.

Help yourself to a buffet of technologies

This is achievable through your career in Accenture because with 6,000 clients in more than 120 countries and across 40 industries, project assignments are so varied that you’re sure to learn new things in every project. Our collaboration with today’s best technology companies (we are the #1 partner with Google, Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, Workday, Adobe, Alibaba and more), means you have access to the latest tech that’s making the world go round. Sometimes, an analyst hesitates to join a particular project because it is not in the industry they’re interested in, or it’s a role beyond their current skills. When they reached out to me for advice, I’d encourage them to give it a go and I’ve seen some who take up something new, discover they love it and that has changed their career trajectory!

Though learning on the job is mainly how you learn, we ensure that you receive the proper skills training for whichever role you’re assigned to. Structured skills training is provided by top technology experts from around the world. We are serious about training - In 2020, Accenture spent $866 million on training, including training over 70,000 people in the hot skills needed (following the Covid-19 pandemic) by our clients such as cloud and remote collaboration tools.

Over time, you will have worked across different tech platforms, apply your skills in different industries while specializing in an area where your passion lies.

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TAP mentors like Kenneth help young analysts identify their niche skill through structured trainings and working on different technology platforms in Accenture.

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Tech + Your ingenuity = Change

Tech skills can be acquired, in many instances, a straightforward case of putting in the hours and hard work. But applying those skills to add value meaningfully is a skill that cannot be learnt on your own. When analysts join project teams, often, it is easy to just plunge into the tech work. This is where I ask them to pause and talk more with the business consultants to understand their clients’ pain points and the issues involved. It is not enough to merely implement technology. We need to apply great tech skills to solve problems in such a way as to bring about positive change.

Great ideas for that can come from anyone. Sometimes, analysts may be shy about sharing their ideas, and I will encourage them to speak up and contribute their thoughts because I know that each of them comes with different perspectives and that’s what drives Accenture’s innovation.

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Kenneth (3rd from the left) celebrates unique perspectives from the young analysts in his team.

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Positioned for growth

Every analyst has their own ambitions and strengths and preferences. As I get to know those I mentor better, I’m able to share/guide them accordingly. My goal is to help them take ownership of their career, discover where they can excel in, and direct them to great opportunities for growth.

Through TAP, it has been fulfilling to see my analysts become more confident over time, contributing to Accenture’s purpose to deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity.

Come join us and ignite your potential.



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Kenneth Hew

Business & Integration Arch Senior Manager, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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