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In these unique times where everything has gone virtual, our recruitment process is no different. We have transformed the way we recruit students and graduates into a robust system that still allows you, every chance to put your best foot forward in showing us your amazing skills and talents.

Here’s what to expect as we go fully virtual for our entire recruitment process:

Online Application

It all starts from here. How you craft the profile that you send to us goes a long way in helping you stand out and grab our attention.

  • Be accurate. Tailor your CV such that your featured skills (including soft skills), experience and interests are related to the role you’re applying for.
  • Justify. Provide examples to support the above. If you’ve stated that you are skilled in certain areas, ensure you have examples to demonstrate how.
  • Presentation. Send your CVs in PDF format, and title the file “YOURNAME_CV” or “YOURNAME_Resume”.
Virtual Interview

This is your chance to provide a brief introduction of yourself and share your experiences via a digital platform. You will be recorded answering a series of questions. Here is where you can show your enthusiasm for the role and organisation. It’s also a good opportunity for you to showcase your personality and passion.

  • Do your research. Have ample knowledge of Accenture and the role and industry you’re going for and understand what we’re looking for in candidates. When you have these things in the back of your mind, you’ll be able to handle our questions with more confidence.
  • Practise your elevator pitch. Prepare a quick introduction of yourself, summarising your area of study, your goals, passions, interests, hobbies, relevant experiences, and any bits of trivia about yourself that helps us understand you better.

Depending on several factors (e.g. the role you’re applying for, the period of application, etc.), the next stage in your recruitment process may be a virtual assessment day, or an individual interview with a hiring manager.

Virtual Assessment Day

Our assessment event goes virtual! This is a day where you’ll get to experience a day in the life as one of our analysts, while our assessors observe how you collaborate and work in teams to tackle group activities and case study challenges.

  • Be prepared. Choose a conducive space with a stable internet connection with all your necessary stationery on hand: laptop, earphones/headset, pen, paper, water and snacks. Don’t forget to download Zoom or Microsoft Teams (or a similar, applicable platform) and set up a work-appropriate background.
  • Attire. Look your best but still be comfortable for a day of work.
  • Contribute. Be ready to show how you can contribute in a group setting. Are you a natural leader? Feel free to take the lead, but know that a good leader focuses on listening to others. Quiet achievers can still shine in their own ways as well – be it through showing skills in strategic thinking or numbers, or proficiency in PowerPoint and visualisation.
  • Ask. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. A company representative will not only be present to observe, he/she will also offer help and guidance.
Individual Interview

This is an interview in the purest sense. You will be talking to one of our hiring managers – all done virtually, of course.

  • Dress to impress. You don’t have to put on a suit and tie, but wear something presentable – think in terms of how your outfit reflects you!
  • Practise your elevator pitch. Prepare a quick introduction of yourself, summarising your area of study, your goals, passions, interests, hobbies, relevant experiences and any bits of trivia about yourself that helps us understand you better.
  • Be yourself. We’re not just here to review your credentials, we’re interested in getting to know your personality as well! So, remember to relax and have a conversation with us, and ask questions – it’s a good chance for you to find out more about our culture, training and career progression opportunities as well.

Though the recruitment process is done across a screen these days, ultimately, it’s still about showcasing your skills, talents and X factor – albeit virtually. Here’s wishing all graduates the best of luck!

Take the first step to a promising career. Join the Accenture family today!



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