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Perissa and her work-from-home buddy, Kenji

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Hi, I'm Perissa! I had previously heard about the great work culture at Accenture through a friend. She shared stories about her work and the friendly people she worked with. Those were crucial factors for me when I was still applying for internship programs — I wanted to work at a company where I could get learning opportunities and mentorship. I gave it a go, applied for an internship at Accenture and last March, I started my work as an intern under the Marketing + Communications team.

As an intern, I assist the People Communications Lead for Accenture, Southeast Asia in preparing announcements, news, insights or stories, and publish these on our internal portals and platforms. I also coordinate with people from other departments to consolidate and prepare the content for publishing.

My internship has been very interesting because of the current situation. While the new normal means working from home for some, for me it means interning from home. I remember how, on my first day, most of the people were already working remotely so the office was relatively quiet. Within a week of coming to the office, my supervisor informed me that I needed to continue my internship from home as well. I expected to be part of that routine much later, possibly a month or two after starting. However, strict measures were put in place in the office and we were all required to work remotely, even before the Circuit Breaker—Singapore's community quarantine order to reduce transmission of COVID-19 —was implemented. In my second week, I continued my internship remotely.

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This was the scene that greeted Perissa on her first day of work, before the Circuit Breaker in Singapore

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It was intimidating at first for someone who was still getting used to what was going on. Continuing my internship virtually meant I had to work more independently. Thankfully, my colleagues are friendly and understanding. My manager also calls me from time to time to check on me. While she gives me the autonomy to do my work, she also provides me guidance for the work I do, or whenever I need it. Working independently gives me a sense of ownership, and I believe this is one of the ways I am growing in terms of my abilities even though I haven’t been here for long.

As my internship is largely from home, I found myself meeting and getting to know fellow colleagues online through virtual Happy Hour sessions organized by my mentor! Definitely impacted the way I get to meet people, and slightly dismayed at how the situation panned out, but it is an interesting experience nonetheless! Working remotely also means I didn’t have to dress up for work anymore and I could sneak in an extra hour of sleep. It gives me more time to focus on myself. I’ve been exercising more and trying to pick up a new hobby. I’ve also been spending a lot more time with my family and pet.

Even though this internship setup is not what I had in mind the first time I applied, I still find fulfillment in it. It may be challenging to adapt to challenging circumstances and to stay positive, but it also gives me a reason to work harder. I want to make the most out of my unique internship experience, and I’m also enjoying the rewarding feeling I get when I complete tasks and learn something new. It has been a great internship experience so far, and I find that the people at Accenture are willing to teach and mentor you, as long as you show that you are willing to learn. I believe that mere knowledge isn’t what makes you stand out, but rather your attitude. So a small piece of advice for students who are looking for an internship at Accenture – keep up a positive learning attitude and you’ll go a long way.

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