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Hello, I’m Lok Ying Shan, a final year Economics undergraduate from the National University of Singapore. I kick-started my internship at Accenture as a Capabilities Development intern over the summer. Afterwards, I was given the opportunity to extend my internship and so I am now a Change Management intern.

As someone fascinated with technology, I’ve always wanted to learn more about how technology can be a powerful change agent to create a better and more equal society. For example, how the Internet of Things (IoT) can be used to reimagine the way we live in urban spaces, how cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) can help companies realize their full business value, or how digital technologies can augment the way we connect with each other—the list goes on! I knew that I wanted to be part of welcoming this change, and Accenture appealed to me as the best place for me to do so.

My first role as a Capabilities Development intern allowed me to try my hand at diverse tasks. My work ranged from technical responsibilities such as designing a data structure to support the collection and reporting of key performance metrics, to more analytical work such as conducting operational process assessments and providing opportunities for innovation and automation.

During this time, my fellow interns and I enjoyed a high degree of autonomy in how we wanted to approach and address our tasks. As part of an Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) project, for instance, we were given the liberty to integrate what I&D meant to us personally and how we wanted to change the world through more inclusive practices. We were given full ownership of our work on the project, and we felt valued as individuals for the unique reflections and insights we brought to the table.

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The interns and leadership team after the final presentation of our summer tasks

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After my first project concluded, I was offered an internship extension with the Change Management team. This meant that I would be helping on a project from an entirely different practice and in a different industry. I took the offer readily as I saw it as a great opportunity to gain a new perspective and deepen my understanding of the work we do at Accenture.

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The Change Management team on our daily check-in calls

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In my current role, I’ve discovered that although my two projects are different in nature, they nevertheless share the same culture and strong spirit of learning and collaboration. Coming from a non-tech background, I was initially worried about not being able to adapt to both of my roles quickly. However, my worries were soon dispelled. Thus far, I’ve benefitted from the plenty of resources available at Accenture that allow anyone to easily pick up knowledge in their domain of work or interest. Additionally, people have been friendly and more than happy to carve out time for me to learn from their expertise.

Accenture has shown me that collaboration is key to delivering innovation. Every person I’ve met here has exemplified the traits for successful collaboration—empathy and the willingness to share their ideas and knowledge—and for this, I’m thankful.

If I could give a piece of advice to students who are looking to start an internship at Accenture, it would be to listen to everyone’s ideas with an empathetic heart, while not being afraid to voice out your own thoughts.

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