At Accenture, we believe in building a diverse and inclusive culture where everyone feels equally involved and supported in the workplace. Four amazing #WomenInTech share their perspectives on equality and what it’s like to contribute in Tech while coming from different backgrounds.

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Taking the right first step

I am an Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) developer, currently working in IT One in Thailand.  IT One is a joint venture between SCG, Thailand’s largest industrial conglomerate, and Accenture since Feb 2001, it provides end-to-end IT solutions for our clients.

Three years ago when I was still a junior student in school, I had a lot of passion for studying and following technological trends, especially in coding and back-end systems. As such, I chose computer network as my major subject, and my goal  was to become a network engineer. However as a junior student, it was challenging to get an opportunity to work as an intern in network engineering without having any experience. In addition, I’ve heard stories that there were fewer chances for women in network engineering careers. Feeling discouraged, I decided to pivot my career choice and explored other areas of the back-end process like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). And every sub-process in the business requirements needs developers – so this is where I started growing my interest and skills in this area!

I eventually became interested in SAP, a widely used ERP system among successful companies, and continued to hone my skills in this area. After graduation, I got an opportunity to kickstart my career journey in IT One as an ABAP developer despite having no experience, and I’ve been with the company since!

Meet my team in IT One!

Usually when people hear the word “programmer”, they would picture a nerdy guy doing IT-related work stuff. However, there are in fact, plenty of women working as developers and innovating in IT One and Accenture. To me, human talent is not limited by gender, but by the labels that we choose and our biases. In the past, my skillset was limited by old-fashioned ways of thinking and even my own mindset. But now, I’m proud to be a female developer, and IT One and Accenture support me regardless of my background. Here, we all work together as equals, sharing ideas as a team and getting the help that we need from more experienced colleagues.

In the last two years, I have seen plenty of female leaders in the company and had the opportunity to work with some of them as well. I admire them and aspire to become like them in my tech career. I realize that a person’s growth can be enriched in the right environment, and IT One and Accenture definitely provide the right environment to support and grow women in technology.

Having a supportive network

I am a security consultant based in Singapore. In my role, I assist clients in assessing and enhancing their security postures. I also enable them to better meet regulatory requirements and be more resilient against threats. Currently, I am involved in a large-scale identity and access management implementation project, helping a client with their cloud migration.

One of the best things about working at Accenture, is that I really enjoy and appreciate the support and trust I receive from colleagues and clients. I am inspired by the people around me. Regardless of their career levels, everyone continues to push their boundaries in acquiring new knowledge or skills.

I must admit that I did not really give much consideration to joining the tech industry when I was younger. But it was something new, and I was willing to explore! From my experience so far, working in the tech industry can be challenging but exciting at the same time. It requires continuous learning as technology is ever-evolving and changing.

Why Accenture for me then? The company is a trusted partner for many global organizations. Supported by a large pool of talents across the globe, the organization provides us with so many great opportunities to solve important problems for the community. I am excited and glad to be working on such meaningful and impactful projects.

My advice to those interested in pursuing a career in technology is to be open-minded. Give your best and dare to fail. My other advice is to take ownership of what you do. This may not be unique to pursuing a career in tech, but by always taking the initiative and accountability for whatever you’re doing fosters trust, and it opens up greater responsibilities and opportunities for yourself to grow.

“Tech-ing” on new challenges every day

I’m a DevOps engineer based in Malaysia, but I lead a medium-sized team in Thailand. In my role, I work with several teams, including development, application design and program management office (PMO). I also design solutions to simplify and improve their day-to-day job, boosting overall efficiency and agility while enforcing and ensuring security compliance. My typical day involves discussing with other leads how to design and implement a DevOps solution. This includes creating automation scripts to eliminate human errors and reduce time for repetitive tasks.

Since I was young, I have always been interested in technology. I enjoy its fast-evolving nature—it excites me to continuously learn new technologies and apply them to improve people’s lives. As a leading global technology consulting firm, Accenture embraces new technologies. And because of this, I saw Accenture as a great place for me to grow, meet and connect with like-minded people.

What I like most about working here is the culture. Accenture provides an open environment where people have the opportunities and freedom to explore who they are. My colleagues and leads are always helpful and willing to share their knowledge too. Aside from this, I appreciate the career counsellor system where everyone has a mentor who aids and guides them throughout their career here.

Say hi to my DevOps team!

Throughout my journey, I am privileged to have met and worked with people from various backgrounds around the globe. It is interesting how some of them with zero tech background described their career as a hidden talent they discovered after deciding to pursue their interest in tech. Some memorable ones include economics and chemistry graduates who are now in the domain of cloud computing and infrastructure.

To those who wish to work in tech, my advice is to do it and love it! Working for the things you love and are passionate about will bring the best out of you. Also, don’t be intimidated to follow your passion, learn as much as you can and know your value. Don’t compare yourself with others but do speak up if things become unfair. It is also good to find an environment that values diversity. Accenture provides people with equal opportunities regardless of gender or background. This is apparent across the entire organization and it motivates me to continuously grow and improve myself.

Wearing many hats in Tech

I lead Accenture Indonesia’s Technology group, Technology Analyst Program and SAP practice. I also serve as client account lead for several clients in Indonesia. In simpler terms, my role is to ensure that both our clients and our people in Accenture are all happy.

Every day, I take care of the internal and external areas of the business. Internally, I grow the Technology business, including SAP, as well as empower and groom people to be at their best every day. Externally, being the trusted partner for our clients, co-creating together on initiatives that deliver value for them.

Personally, I never thought that someday I would be working in the technology space; but navigating my career has been just like sailing and circumstance led me to where I am today. Being a woman in Technology, we can provide a different perspective - a more feminine, motherly and expressive touch that can provide balance in the technology world. Another misconception is that women in technology tend to be “boyish”, which is not true as we are all feminine in our own way (I always wear a skirt to work!).

Many women believe that they can hardly make it to the top in technology. This is not true as Julie Sweet, Accenture’s CEO, is a woman.

Accenture truly supports diversity, and we have a goal of achieving a gender-balanced workforce by 2025. This demonstrates our commitment to gender equality. Here, we also have many programs that support women, such as providing flexible working arrangements for our people. This initiative is very helpful especially for new moms who have just had babies or those with young kids. Our women development programs focus on nurturing Accenture Tech women to be at their best every day.

My advice to women who want to pursue a career in tech? Break the self-limiting beliefs. As women, we may have paradigms that hinder us from achieving success, so all these self-limiting beliefs must be broken. We can achieve so many things and go as far as our ambition takes us!


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