To improve lives has always been one of my top goals in life. Like the robots we program, I try to be as productive as I can be in the process

I’m a Business and Technology Delivery Senior Analyst. As part of Accenture Health & Public Service, I work with the government and public service and healthcare organizations to improve systems that have an impact in people’s lives. Right now, I'm part of a project that works with a retirement funding team in modernizing their IT infrastructure. Prior to this, I worked with a government agency to improve their HR system. Working on the technical side of things, it’s very fulfilling to see how our work matters through the solutions we deliver.

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Making a difference through the work that we do extends to my personal life. Instead of “silo-ing” myself to projects, I join events and take time to create value. Accenture also promotes work-life balance with the various programs and platforms available that support our interests outside work. As for me, I am involved with the football special interest group (SIG) and the Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) committee.

With the I&D committee, I’ve helped to organize special events that promote a diverse and inclusive workplace. For instance, we got people with different nationalities to set up booths for the World Fair and showcase their traditional games, food and clothing. Being part of meaningful events like this was a very enriching experience. On Racial Harmony Day, participants came in their traditional outfits, watched videos and shared ideas on how we can improve inclusion in our workplace. Inclusion and diversity is fundamental to our culture, and yes, we take it seriously. Everyone works together to have a nurturing workplace where people can feel comfortable being themselves. Discrimination is never an option here.

As for being the captain of our football SIG, my role is to organize matches and futsal sessions for the Accenture Recreational Club members. I’m also involved in creating the strategy to grow our SIG further and to build a strong camaraderie among all members. Football is an amazing game that brings together people of various background and to me, no other sport in this world has as much reach and following.

Like football, teamwork is paramount in my work in Accenture. Victory can’t be achieved by just one person. Everyone works together toward a common goal with the same amount of determination and drive for success.

I am glad to say that my role at Accenture is more than just a job. Improving lives is the best part of our work here, that’s why in everything I do, be it for my colleagues or for our clients, I align it with my goal of making the world a better place for everyone.

If you’re interested to join Accenture, you can visit this page to learn more.

Sangeev Reddy

Business and Technology Consultant, Singapore

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