A good resume may raise an eyebrow or two. But a great resume? It’ll serve to paint a solid picture of who you are and inspire your reader to read more. With the number of resumes recruiters go through each day, your submission needs to be able to stand out and set you apart from the rest.

So how do you do that? Here are some great tips on writing an irresistible resume and getting recruiters to notice you.

Maximise your space

It may go without saying, but the top half is what readers see before scrolling down. Use this vital space to provide a strong but succinct write-up of your career overview or a list of your top achievements.

Write for the role

When recruiters post their job listings, they are looking for specific skills and expertise. Thus, it is essential for you to tailor your resume for the role. Study the job description and focus on including information that caters to the role you’re applying to. That way, recruiters will be able to quickly link you to what they’re looking for.

Focus on your contributions

In your work experiences, rather than list what your responsibilities are for each role, briefly talk about how you made a difference in each company. Use concrete metrics (where possible) to help recruiters have a tangible idea of what you can contribute.

Qualify your qualities

Justify the qualities you use to describe yourself. If you’ve stated that you’re a great team player, briefly talk about real-life examples of how well you played your role in a team for a specific project.

Sanitise your online presence

Recruiters interested in you would often want to take a look at your social media. Do include links to your LinkedIn profile and any other relevant websites or blogs that show off your credentials. Do ensure that your LinkedIn profile lines up with the facts in your resume. Beyond that, check that you don’t have any posted photos or videos that may cast you in an unfavourable light. Lastly, do use a professional email handle, specifically one that has your name in it.

Proofread… and proofread again!

Accuracy matters. Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation to ensure that what you’ve written is clear and professional. Try to use short sentences and simple language, without jargon. Also, make sure your phone number is correct.

Use the right format

Ready to send out your resume? Some companies use application tracking software, which doesn’t work well with embedded charts, artwork, images or tables in your submission. And in formats like Word, if you’re using a font that the recruiter doesn’t have, the formatting may show up different on his/her screen. The safest solution would be to send out your resume in PDF.

Avoid including:
  • Photos – Companies like Accenture are anonymising CVs for certain roles to avoid bias. Do refrain from including your photo.
  • References – Only furnish these if the recruiter asks for them. There’s a risk they may contact your referees before you have time to give them a heads up.
  • Testimonials – Unless your testimonials are positively glowing, a better alternative is to have good endorsements on your LinkedIn profile that the recruiter can find when they look you up.
  • Random courses – While you should include any professional qualifications the job asks for, it’ll be wise to exclude certain certifications (e.g. Microsoft Office skills – basic computer skills are a given these days). Also, list your technical skills only if you are comfortable working with them as you may end up attracting recruiters for roles which you are not well-equipped for.

In a sentence, your resume is essential in creating that strong first impression with your employer, so make sure the information you present is relevant, succinct and meaningful. Best of luck to you!

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Melissa Chee

Recruiting Manager

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