We are passionate about creating positive change and are big believers of having a strong culture of equality in our workplace. For years now, we have pursued this goal by establishing comprehensive policies and programmes that works to provide equal opportunities for everyone – no matter who you are.

As we continue to pursue stronger inclusivity and diversity practices in our workplace, we speak to the people of Accenture and get a deeper insight into how our culture of equality has impacted and inspired them in their commitment towards accelerating equality for all.

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Melissa Chee
Recruiting Manager

"With Accenture’s goal towards driving a more equal workforce, I can really see equality at play here. Gender equality to me means everyone gets equal opportunities regardless of your background, gender identity or beliefs. So, by pursuing this culture where everyone gets a fair chance, I can see that the company is fostering a diverse environment where everyone can be motivated to shine. I’m personally inspired by Accenture’s ambition to have a 50/50 gender-balanced workforce by 2025, and I make it a point to support that goal in my capacity as a Recruiting Manager. For starters, I actively make sure that this culture of equality is rooted within my team!"

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Aarti Gogna-Nair
Market Development Lead (SEA),
Accenture-Microsoft Business Group

"To me, gender equality does not mean that we are the same, but rather, it means being given the opportunities we seek and a chance to be heard in spite of our differences (and uniqueness!). Each of us plays a part in enabling this for others on our teams by being inclusive, open to ideas and showing a willingness to always “seek to understand” first. For me, the principle of “treat others as you would like others to treat you” is an everlasting rule to live by."

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Andreas Voinescu
Analytics Consultant

"Equality to me is about identifying and spreading awareness about the need for fairness and balance in the world, and helping others see the merits of a more equal society. Being raised by a single mom who worked full-time, I was made aware of the struggles and structural inequalities that women face. And so, I’ve committed myself to identifying these areas of inequality and raising awareness about these issues to those who are otherwise unaware or skeptical about it."

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Natalie Wee
Business & Integration Architecture Analyst

"I believe that equality means that the same rights and opportunities are provided to everyone regardless of the gender they identify with. On a personal front, it means asking myself if my reaction or perception of the individual would be any different if they identify as a different gender. The best ideas do not belong to any one gender, and I make it a point to include as many as I can, and give everyone an equal voice in discussions."

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Jeremiah Lee
SEA Immigration Lead, Mobility

"To me, equality is a fundamental human right, where every individual should be measured on his or her merits and contributions with impartiality towards gender, even including the person’s background and/or physical appearances. For my part, I’m committed to standing up for equal gender rights. By encouraging open and honest conversations, I believe that we can be one step closer to a more equal and inclusive society."

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By creating a culture of gender equality, we’re creating a workplace where everyone matters and can feel like they belong and be able to be at their best.

Thrive in an environment that cares for all. Explore career opportunities with us today!



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