In my two years as a Business & Technology Integration Architecture Analyst in Accenture, I’ve never stopped seeing the organisation as a champion of innovation and foresight. They are constantly on the path towards creating even better ideas aimed at improving people’s lives, and I’m glad that I’m part of that journey.

A new direction

But it’s interesting to see how life turns out sometimes. You could say that I was led to Accenture.

You see, my childhood dream was always to be a pilot. Hence I was so focused on pursuing a career in that direction. But as life will have it, circumstances led me to a path where I had to rethink my career options.

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That’s me, after flying my first solo

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So what proceeded was a lot of reflection: I’ve always wanted to do something meaningful, and technology has always captivated me. Such as, when I discovered how Artificial Intelligence was being used to create news articles and even compose a new form of music. Almost every day, you hear about how technology has revolutionised the way we work, live and play.

So it was clear that I wanted a role that puts me close to shaping technology that improves lives, and when I read a blog article about a consultant’s day-in-the-life in Accenture, I knew what I had to do. I instantly applied for a job.

Rising above

Naturally, there was a learning curve when I first started. I was zoomed in on executing the job primarily based off client’s requirements. But as I grew with my experiences with clients, I realise what they wanted was not solely about learning the newest tech or be pitched the most affordable solutions – what they wanted was a partner – someone who can understand their business in an in-depth manner, and to offer long-term solutions that adopt a macro view on their needs and challenges down the road.

One memorable experience where I managed to develop a deep synergy with the client’s needs was with an Indonesian client whose headquarters is in Singapore. The client was having trouble identifying the source of their revenue leakage, which resulted in financial losses and issues in their balance sheet. In order to better understand the issue, my supervisor told me to pack my suitcase and we were off to Jakarta. After almost two fruitful days of interviewing the client’s business users, I came back and shared my findings with my teammates. Along with the ensuing brainstorming sessions, I also did a ton of research into technological solutions with regards to the client’s issues, which consequently gave me a deeper insight into ideas around Robotic Process Automation.

The result? Our hard work paid off with a successful demo session and a happy client, who were thoroughly impressed with both our understanding of their issue and our proposed solution.

To greater heights

Truly, Accenture is a place that wants to grow you. There are numerous avenues for its employees to be certified, trained or to gain knowledge in different domains. There are global training initiatives that seek to help us raise our Technology Quotient (TQ), and these have really helped me to understand, articulate and apply advance technology concepts better. Through this, I was also able to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for Cloud Technology. On top of this, I’ve also picked up skills in project management, UX design, problem solving and more.

I am also part of the Technology Analyst Program (TAP) at Accenture. But what makes my experience in TAP even more interesting and unique is that I get to be involved in shaping the online experience for our technology analyst community across Southeast Asia. Apart from training and learning opportunities, TAP also provides a platform for our technology analysts to connect with each other, so that we can share interests, experiences of working in different industries and client projects. Through TAP, I am better equipped with valuable knowledge and skills that will help me succeed in the long run.

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With fellow tech analysts and our Managing Director, during the TAP launch party

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Coming into Accenture without a tech background was no doubt daunting at first. Technology is fast-changing and it can be difficult to keep pace. But being open and curious, the motivation I get from my fellow driven Accenture colleagues, the culture of learning here – all these factors have empowered me to push boundaries and grow. Indeed, no one knows where your path will take you, but at least at Accenture, you know you can go places.

Ready for a life-changing career? It all begins at Accenture. Kickstart your journey with us today.



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Shawn Thian

Business & Integration Architecture Senior Analyst

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