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Among more than 500,000 Accenture people worldwide, we have women colleagues who hold top positions across different industries while maintaining a home. Not only do they bring their best selves to work, they also dedicate their lives to nurturing and building their families.

How do these women do it all, day by day? We asked four full-time Accenture moms (clockwise from top left): Shalini Sharma, Tan May Sze, Bhavna Agarwal and Diane Bong about how they find room to do everything. Here’s what they said.

How would you explain your work to your kids?

Shalini: As a security delivery manager, I help protect companies who want to secure their digital spaces from external or internal threats. I help set up the foundation of security governance.

May Sze: I’m a senior manager and Technology delivery lead. I work with the best people on large-scale SAP implementation projects for global clients across various industries, focusing on oil and gas.

Bhavna: As a quality assurance specialist, I make sure that a high-quality product is delivered to client. For example, you want a toy that has ten rhymes. I make sure that, once the toy is developed, all ten rhymes work properly.

Diane: Part of my job being an SAP Technology consulting senior manager is to examine how people work and find opportunities to help make it more efficient. I help them map out the journey, and work to support them throughout.

As working moms, how are you supported here at Accenture?

Shalini: Everyone at work has been immensely supportive as I raised my son Dhruvit. After my maternity leave, they allowed me to adjust my working hours. All my stakeholders, including the client and my colleagues at Accenture have been a layer of strength.

May Sze: It’s never easy being a mom, trying to juggle a full-time job and a family. I’m grateful that I have supportive colleagues and clients who understand the time I set aside to attend to my 5-year-old daughter. I would reach out to my supportive career counsellor for mentorship and career advice—this helps me stay truly human and drive my team morale and engagement.

Bhavna: Over the course of my time here, I’ve taken three unpaid leaves of absence (ULOAs) to take care of my kid. I’ve noted that my managers and the leadership team always supported me in my decisions. All they would ask for is advanced notice, so that client work would not be impacted.

Diane: I enjoy flexibility through the various benefits and programs Accenture offers. We have competitive parental leaves that give us more than enough time to attend to significant life events. For instance, I can take the kids for their vaccinations, attend their school play or join parent-teacher meets, without having to fret over work.

How does the work you do now drive change for your children in the future?

Shalini: The speed at which young kids embrace the internet and cyber world is quite intense. Understanding the aspects of responsible and secure browsing and proper internet consumption will help me teach Dhruvit awareness as he grows up.

May Sze: Children of the future need to build the skills such as communication, collaboration and creativity to prepare themselves for a more tech-filled future. I’m inspired by the great people I work with—it helps propel me and my daughter towards a meaningful and purposeful life as we shape the workforce of the future.  

Bhavna: I believe the work I do would help me provide them with cultural values, education and the ability to mingle in a diverse environment. My work keeps my mind open to new ideas and challenges.

Diane: I think that the work I do today will change the way my children live and work in the future. Regardless of their gender, preferences, interests or talents, there will be boundless opportunities for them as we break the barriers in society. I hope that we can integrate work and life to have optimal productivity and more meaningful time off for families.

Whatever role you play in life, we celebrate you for bringing your best to the table! Join the Accenture family today!




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