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Find different ways of approaching people. That has always been my mentality.

I’m a huge fan of cultures and languages. Growing up in a mixed-race family in Malaysia, I had early exposure to Malay, Chinese, and other Asian cultures. I was also a keen observer and listener. My love for embarking on photography trips is an extension of observing human behaviours and connecting with one’s surroundings (I particularly enjoy street photography). These trips also present great opportunities to strengthen my grasp of foreign languages.

I am privileged that I’ve been given opportunities over the years to work with clients globally. Knowing the local language and culture have certainly helped open doors to resolve some challenging situations – whether it be getting through to a French client who had previously seemed very uncollaborative, or encouraging business users who were more comfortable conversing in Spanish, Cantonese or Indonesian to participate in key discussions.

In work and in leisure, things may not always go as planned, but I am flexible enough to accommodate and adjust to changes. What is important is to have a clear view of the end goal and what I would like to accomplish. I then plan how to get there despite multiple constraints. As part of the ASEAN finance transformation practice, I work with my team to ensure we understand the goals and work together to achieve a successful outcome. This includes making sure we have the best people and a cohesive team. I also make sure that the roles provide challenges and career development opportunities for the individuals.

Understanding and seeing the different sides of people and surroundings have enabled me to connect and bring out the best in myself and others – be it in a work environment or while exploring the world.

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Juliana Mohd Hashier

Business & Integration Architecture Associate Director, Singapore

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