In my role as a Strategy and Consulting Manager in Accenture’s Capital Markets practice, I steer companies and industries to a successful, digitally-enabled future. I work with them to discover and unlock the value of new technology, such as big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. Together, we find new ways to transform their business with an operating model of the future.

My journey in the company started after I completed a master’s degree in Accounting, Organization and Institutions from the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom. Currently, I am based in Singapore, where I collaborate and engage with a wide range of local and international financial institutions, including central banks, investment houses and cutting-edge technology companies, on various projects.

As a consulting practitioner, I am deeply passionate about reshaping the future of global industries and businesses. However, to be the kind of professional who accomplishes such things, I need to constantly hone my skills and develop my niche. I found the right place to do that at Accenture.

I found Accenture to be an organization that builds up its people by fostering a strong learning culture and a robust training and development program. I grew by leaps and bounds through a myriad of available opportunities, one of which was the consulting university program. The program led me and my co-participants from around the world to visit a campus for a learning experience. We spoke with faculty members and counterparts from other countries to discuss and exchange ideas on how to become better consulting practitioners. Many of my colleagues agree that the program was one of the highlights of our professional growth journey in Accenture. Looking back, the experience prepared me to take on big opportunities that came my way!

Even more learning took place outside of formal classroom and campus settings. I engaged in brown bag sessions, conferences and talks, and interacted with colleagues from around the globe. I learned from and dialogued with industry experts through membership and subscription to professional organizations. Such engagements opened the door to a wider circle of peers and colleagues. Plus, it paved the way for me to gain recognition as a leader in digital transformation for the global financial markets.

The adventure in growing careers

Every career story contains plot twists and turns. Among the advice I received from great Accenture leaders in both formal and informal contexts, I am fortunate to make the most of mine with the help from the career counseling program. My career counselor, Patrice Mueller, helps me achieve my professional aspirations. With his advice and support, I carry out my plans and goals. I’m lucky that he’s been my coach since I joined the firm as an analyst. At key moments and crossroads in my career, I benefited from his insights and perspectives.

Patrice and I meet at least once every quarter to discuss my work priorities, which evolve as I grow and step into new roles. We found that we shared an interest in transforming the world of business, a pursuit we both find very exciting! Hence, we include time for bouncing ideas off each other on technology, industry and the future of work in our conversations!

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With Patrice, my career counselor at Accenture. This was taken in Hokkaido earlier this year in February. We managed to go on a ski trip together, as we both have a bit of downtime from our assignments.

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Now, I’m at a point where I can pay my counselor’s efforts forward. I mentor four talented counselees who work in different Accenture practices. My goal is to help them realize their potential and, in the process, shape their own Accenture story. So far, I found it’s quite an adventure for me as it is for them. By learning about their unique pursuits and passions, I gain insight into topics and areas of interest I didn’t know before!

At the same time, I’m also learning more about my mentoring and leadership style. I understood the value and power of empathy and deep listening. Empathizing and actively listening to my counselees enabled me to build trust and positive communication. They also helped me tailor my advice to their different personalities, situations and challenges.

I also strive to bond with my counselees as a group. We go out for meals and fun get-togethers. These activities help me and my counselees to respect, understand and relate to each other on a personal level.

During Singapore’s Circuit Breaker (CB) when we couldn’t meet, we continued our conversations via e-mail. We waited for phase 2 of the reopening to meet with each other in person. Luckily, we are only five, so we satisfied the rule of five on social gatherings! We updated each other on how we were doing and what the CB experience taught us that we could bring to our individual projects.

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Dinner together with my counselees, after the Circuit Breaker

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I’m very proud of my counselees, who are of such high caliber and intelligence. As critical, independent thinkers, they often have clear ideas about forging their professional growth. It’s fulfilling to encourage them in their journey and passion for making a difference, like what my own career counselor has done for me!

More than a workplace

To me, Accenture is more than a workplace. It’s the best destination for people looking to realize their potential. It embraces learning, change and new ideas. It also celebrates, invests and listens to its people—including the ones from a younger generation!

As a senior managing director once told me, joining the company is like arriving at a busy international airport with a golden boarding pass to exciting destinations. The airport might get chaotic. You’ll find it’s not for everyone. But its boarding gates will lead you to vibrant and uniquely invaluable experiences and opportunities.

And what an experience I’m having! Within just five years, I’ve explored the use of blockchain in the central banking system with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) amongst many other innovations I had the opportunity to contribute to. Internally within Accenture, I’ve helped set up the Accenture Liquid Studio Singapore, an innovation center that prototypes new ideas into applications and solutions at pace.

Continuous learning, training, and career counseling at Accenture make my role in these groundbreaking projects possible. They empower me to contribute to the future of the global industries—a wonderful and humbling privilege!

Want to be an innovator who paves the future of business? Explore opportunities to build a career at Accenture.



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Hong Yi Lim

Strategy & Consulting Manager, SEA Capital Markets Practice

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