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In today’s digital era, innovation is the name of the game. Companies must keep offering new products, services and ways to connect with consumers to thrive. But how do we drive innovation? At Accenture, our culture of equality makes innovation happen.

Culture of equality as the secret ingredient

We’ve found that a culture of equality — where everyone can flourish — amplifies innovation and growth. Fresh perspectives, ideas and solutions ignite innovation. If a workforce is made up of people with the same backgrounds and experiences, they’re more likely to come up with similar ideas, think in the same direction and solve challenges the same way. No one thinks outside the box or offers a new point of view.

Our recipe for creating equality

At Accenture, equality shapes the way we work and do business — it’s part of our DNA. To make our people feel they belong and that Accenture values their unique contributions, we:

  1. Start at the top.
    Our culture of equality begins with bold leadership who openly share diversity and equality goals and measure progress. Our leaders encourage our people to take risks, learn from mistakes and develop an “innovation mindset.”
  1. Empower everyone.
    We create an environment where employees trust each other, and our people can unleash their creativity, up-skill and work flexibly. Through our empowering environment, we want everyone to explore and experiment with new ways of thinking, working and solving problems.
  1. Take action.
    Our people see and experience equality first-hand through our family-friendly and bias-free policies and practices that support all genders. We implement comprehensive action such as flexible working schedules, and maternity and paternity leaves, so our people can succeed at and outside of work.

Our culture, where we respect and value everyone, inspires our people to reach their potential. This fuels us to innovate and make more impact in the industries and communities we serve.

Hear from our female leaders as they share insights about the importance of equality and how we’re creating it at Accenture.

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Accelerating Innovation Through Diversity

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Join our team and thrive in our equal and inclusive work culture.

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