As a Creative Technologist at Accenture Interactive, I specialize in bringing life to design systems. Working closely with our customer experience teams, my role is to build reusable and extendable design systems that form the foundation blocks for projects.

Building a good design system requires a clearly articulated design intent, as well as close collaboration with the frontend development teams to ensure that both design decisions and technical limitations are communicated clearly. My goal is to help push the boundaries of the design teams to build the best design systems. This involves gathering feedback, communicating feasibility and technical limitations, refining design concepts and information architecture to project management.

Prior to joining Accenture more than two years ago, I was working as a front end developer in a digital marketing agency. The technical experience I gained in my past role has helped me understand and appreciate the teamwork involved in the entire creative process. Today, I serve as a bridge between design and development to drive change both internally and across industries such as oil & gas, banking and finance and public services. Accenture has opened my world to working with people across expertise, teams and regions on large-scale projects, which have strengthened both my technical and interpersonal skills.

Adding value with the promise of technology

Having a creative technologist on a project is relatively new. It is only in recent years that this position has emerged in the tech and creative field. I’m privileged to work with a team of tech talents. From UX (User Experience) designers, visual designers, copywriters to researchers, each of us has a meaningful role to play in contributing to the design experience. Thus, it is important for me to add value to the wider project team. My involvement in projects has helped implement new features and wide reaching changes rapidly, thereby reducing overhead for teams downstream of design in the long term.

My most memorable project is a research project on micro frontends with our digital team. The goal was to create a tool that will allow banks to bootstrap their mobile banking capabilities overnight. In building the various banking assets and features for this tool, this impactful innovation has propelled me into exploring a newer way of architecting frontend apps. More importantly, it has made me challenge my own boundaries and skill sets.

A company that invests in you

I’ve always associated Accenture as a leading tech company since my university days, and my impression of its culture was one that is relentless in driving innovations. And that was what made me join this company of talents.

Meet some of the people whom I work with every day!

While the adrenaline of the work was invigorating and fast paced, I had a supportive team that offered guidance and provided proper planning when diving into projects. Accenture makes me feel that the company is invested in my long term growth. With a variety of training programs and career counselling set up, I feel empowered to reach my highest potential. Most of all, I get to work on large scale, complex projects that impact a larger user base. It makes me proud to be a part of a company that contributes towards innovations that benefit people’s lives.

Invest in continuous learning

In the tech and creative arena, having a strong foundation in technical skills helps as it makes it easier for you to pick up the latest technologies. The landscape of our industry (frontend) is ever-evolving and a key part of my daily work is to keep up with innovations in the field in order to deliver the best work. My advice to those in the field is to have an open mind and to never stop learning!

Keep your mind, body and interests active

Constantly thinking about crafting the best design systems with a strong human experience component is a huge part of my job. As a Creative Technologist, I need to keep an inquiring mind and be open to new possibilities all the time. I find that keeping fit helps me stay mentally alert throughout the day and hitting the gym with HIIT (High Intensity) workouts energizes me immensely.

Having a creative interest or hobby helps too. I collect and build custom mechanical keyboards. It is an extremely satisfying hobby as I get to create a piece of tool that gets used every day. To me, putting together a keyboard is akin to building design systems – it helps me develop a keenness for human experience design, in the hope that it will bring a positive impact to people’s lives. And with the work I do at Accenture, I am glad that I get to live and breathe this hope every day.

Be a part of a company that values innovations and invests in you. Explore career opportunities at Accenture today.



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Dominic Gan

Creative Technologist

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