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My name is Kai Gi, and I’m a third-year undergraduate studying Accountancy and Business (Banking and Finance) at Nanyang Technological University.

I worked with the Products team at Accenture in Singapore’s Innovation Hub. Accenture sits right at the intersection between consulting and technology, and since I’ve always been interested in both fields, it seemed like a good fit for my internship. I’m happy to say I’ve never looked back since.

Here’s what I gained from my Accenture internship experience:

Firstly, it taught me how to thrive in ambiguity. As Accenture interns, we often received tasks with a few instructional guidelines, pushing us to find the best ways to do things using our discernment and imagination. For instance, for an event for several C-suite executives from Japan, we had to figure out how to best present our demos in the Innovation Hub so that we could effectively communicate to them the capabilities of Accenture. To bridge the language gap, we created a virtual reality demo to get our message across. This garnered positive responses from the visiting executives.

Thriving in ambiguity is extremely important as life often puts us in situations where we might not find straightforward answers to the questions we encounter. We constantly need to strengthen our critical thinking to determine the best solutions possible to any problem we have.

Secondly, it introduced me to the caring culture at Accenture. Accenture is deeply involved in its employees’ learning and development, which enabled me to build my skill-sets in a nurturing and fun environment. The frequent “learn-over-lunch” modules and sharing sessions here kept us engaged while providing us with valuable wisdom from accomplished Accenture seniors and leads.

A standout example was a session featuring Eric Schaeffer, Senior Managing Director and Products lead for Industry X.0. His talk, which proposed a refreshing perspective on how we can leverage the digitalization of industry to improve our work and our lives, continues to inspire me today!

Lastly, it made me understand the power of a strong network. During my internship, I was privileged to work with groups made up of diverse talents. Working in these cross-functional teams opened my eyes to the limitless human potential and ability we could tap to produce top quality work.

For our Intern Demo Day, for instance, I mingled and worked with fellow interns who had backgrounds in coding and technology. The Demo Day allows us interns to showcase our creative innovations specifically for a challenge they (Accenture) give us. This inter-sectional exposure was quite educational and allowed me to establish relevant contacts for my preferred career path.

It’s safe to say that this summer was a transformational one for me, and I would recommend the Accenture internship experience to anyone in a heartbeat!

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