Looking back at my career journey with Accenture, it has been an adventure filled with strong friendships, new learnings and great opportunities. When I first started, I wanted to be someone capable and someone that others can rely on. As a result, I was afraid of failure and terrified of making mistakes. My fears soon became noticeable through the way I worked. Fortunately, one of my team members, and now a close friend, advised me and helped me overcome them. She shared her own journey and how things can be unpredictable at times. However, when the unexpected happens, it doesn’t have to be a mistake or failure. Instead, viewed in a different light, it can be an opportunity. From then on, she has also been giving me advice that enabled me to become a better me.

Having experienced the power of peer support, I am excited and thankful to be given the opportunity to be a part of this initiative alongside a very supportive team. After months of hard work, we finally launched Lean In Circles @ Accenture, a community where women come together to learn and grow. It is a place where we can be unapologetically ambitious and be surrounded by a supportive and encouraging community of equally strong women.

Ever since the announcement went out, we have received an overwhelming response from our colleagues who wanted to join and meet other people from different parts of the business.

What we heard during the session:

<<< Start >>>

"It was insightful, and I learnt quite a few things from the ladies who shared in my Circle."


<<< End >>>

<<< Start >>>

"A great opportunity for me to network and hear from women who are in similar situations."

<<< End >>>

These are just some of the encouraging words we received about the event. Everyone was energized and excited to engage in the discussions. From the session, I personally learnt a lot from the Circle I was facilitating. Though I was a Circle Leader, I did not have all the answers. And that was perfectly fine. This is because the value and power of the Circle comes from the sharing and exchange of advice. Members from my Circle were sharing about the situations they have been in, the actions they took and how they stood up for what mattered to them. It was truly inspiring to hear about their experiences and I took note of some key actions and tactics I can use in similar situations.

As we continue with Lean In Circles, there are also plans to launch the “HeForShe” initiative within Accenture. This initiative believes that men can help create an environment that enables women to lean in to their careers and passions. This is done through supporting and enabling men to acknowledge, address and help eliminate ‘micro-moments’ of unconscious and conscious bias in the workplace and beyond.

Until then, I look forward to hearing and sharing stories of how Circles have helped our employees as we build a community where people can lean in and lean on one another!

Grab the opportunity to give and receive support from your women colleagues. Join us in Accenture.

Angeline Goh

HR Program & Operations Analyst, Singapore

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